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  1. Anyone know what this oil gallery is for, goes from the oil pump to the top of the block into the head, is it a feed or return? Cheers
  2. Hey guys got an Apexi power fc with hand controller to suit rb25 It's currently tuned for rb25 making 407hp with garrett gt3076 tuned by mercury morotorsports Selling as I changed to a wolf 550 Looking for $1200 It's still in the car but can get photos if anyone's interested Located in Brisbane but willing to post
  3. WTB rb n1 oil pump Located in Brisbane but can pay for postage
  4. So I took out the 3mm restrictor off the line that goes to the turbo intake & it's not blocking smoke so that's a start will keep an eye on passing oil into the catch can
  5. It's on the hot side around 30mm below the top of the sump. I had to change my turbo drain line as it was f**ked so got a new one made to suit without the T
  6. 2 rocket covers go to the top of the catch can, then I have 1 on the side towards the top going to the turbo intake pipe. Drain I have a fitting on the sump. Previously before the freshen up I had it T into the turbo return line on the block & wasn't having this issue
  7. Hey guys just had my rb30 bottom end freshened up 2 weeks ago, it's all run-in now with fresh penrite hpr10 (15w50) now the issue is oil pushing into my catch can when boosting/high rpm. I have a 1.5mm restrictor in the block & the back one blocked off. I had my catch can draining back to the sump with the 2 the rocket cover lines going into the catch can & another line going to the turbo intake with a 3mm restrictor, when I had this set up it was blowing ashit load of smoke so I've not blocked the line off to the turbo into & run the catch can oil drain into a bottle to catch any excess oil but it's pushing it out hard & making a oily mess. Anyone have any idea what's going on? Done a comp test & it's all within 130-150PSI
  8. Searched around but can't seem to find any solid answered I'm using stock rb30 conrods with ARP bolts/nuts (5/16") anyone know the torque settings for them? Cheers
  9. Anyone have the torque settings using stock rb30 rods with ARP bolts/nuts?
  10. Haha yes fresh king main & rod bearings & hasting rings
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