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  1. Yeah im from Melbourne, sorry about that. Cheers for the comments guys
  2. Its been a couple of pages since the last pic of an R32 so here is mine... R32 GTS-T by Chris.g32, on Flickr
  3. Hi Guys, I've got new rims so I'm selling my old S15 rims. I have a set of 5, i only have photos of 4 as the other is at a mates place. 1 has small scratch as shown in the pics. 2 still have a fair bit of meat left on them, 2 are pretty well bald and the 5th i think is ok but has a small nick in the side wall. Asking $250ono. Pickup only from Ashwood Victoria. Chris
  4. Put my name down for a set for R32 GTS-T, also clutch if you can do them. Thanks.
  5. thanks ill have a look tomorrow after work, its a bit dark out atm. i dont suppose you have any pics? might help me locate it. are you talking about the thing with the fins that screws into the white box thats right behind the glovebox? or into the fan itself?
  6. i had this problem in my 32, found an un termintated wire behind my headunit with exposed wires, was earthing and blowing my fuses. check back there for exposed wires plus what the other guys said good luck
  7. hey guys. before you say it. yes i did search these forums and a few others. problem i have with my car is my heater fan wont turn off. i thought it wouldnt turn ON but the plug on the fan was disconnected. so when i press the fan speed button and set it to full it speeds up slightly. but i can get the darn thing to turn off without unplugging it! any ideas would be a great help. sorry if this has been covered but ive searched as much as i can and tried to nut it out myself for hours. most of my intereor is on the garage floor. knowing my luck its probably a relay, but im sure ive checked them all... thanks in advance. -Chris
  8. might want to add whre your formal is.. if your in vic i could take you and 13 of your friends in my sik van
  9. i dunno about a 9 puk.. or a ceramic in a skyline for that matter... ive got a 5 puk in my commodore and i can take off normally in that. im not sure if its good for the presure plate / flywheel or not but it is possible.
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