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  1. I parked and payed for some security parking. A car reversed into it, I asked the guy if he saw anything, he said nahh, It happens a couple of times a day. That made me angry. Greg.
  2. So how many members did you sign, and what is happening with the members only forum section? I really like the memebership card, who ever made those up did a great job. Greg.
  3. Pretty good event, and I can see alot of potential for it to get better. Well done all the SAU guys, especially Eriktufa whose car looked great and it ran some nice times. But I got badly sun burnt on one side of my head, poor me. Greg.
  4. Talk to Troy. Maybe. If you dare..... Greg.
  5. Pictures sent. Please tell me if you recived them, or give me a call for anymore info or if you want to see the car. Greg
  6. Wrong section mate, this should be in the wanted to buy section. Greg.
  7. Merry Festi-vas everyone. Greg.
  8. 1991 R32 GTS-4 Turbo Auto (manual conversion kit avalible) Rare Four door Near stock: K&N Air filter Cold air induction Great stereo- Sony 10 stacker Rockford Fosgate Speakers, subs, amp. In very good condition, one of the best looked after r32's in WA, servcied reguarly only using Mobil 1. New rear tyres. Very fast, very good looking machine. Must sell very quickly as I am going over seas. $13,500. Call 0422844225 any time for any more info or to see the car. Car will be advertised in sundays newspaper.
  9. I am with nizmo, If I totalled my car I would be inconsolible. Greg.
  10. Butler you have a PM. So do you Fane, but you should better ignore it. Greg.
  11. That would be great to see. If you find it please post picks on the net. Greg.
  12. First time I have seen it, and I thought I had seen it all. pure Gold! Greg.
  13. Thanks for the help, the first pic and the last two are the same colour as mine. If you as interested in having a manual R32, I can get you the required parts for cheap, and the car would still be one of the cheapest, best kept r32's on sale in perth. Greg.
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