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  1. I don't think this has been mentioned but for the novice, novices who want to test out a few different colours to see what their car, rims, engine bay etc looks best in: PShop CS5 Select the area that you want to 'colour' go to 'image' and then 'adjustments' go to hue/saturation tick the colorize box Play with Hue then Saturation to get to desired colours Not the best technique for digital art purposes, but it does quickly answer all those 'what would my car look like if the rims were gold' type questions Extra tip: when you apply the colour to the selection - feather 3px - 5px so you don't get those sharp edges.
  2. awww no love for us 350Z drivers tis okay I drive around with my head up my arse anyway. I'm one of these people that I have to pass a car before it clicks I actually know the person driving or that they were waving to me.
  3. Yep i had to go for a medical for a Car Dealership position. Its a while ago now - i know i had to pee in a cup but i thought they said it was checking gluclose levels not drugs? Other than that they do a lot of bending your joints etc - making sure you don't have any pre-existing injuries or strains that can later be passed off as 'compo claims' .... oh i got a reflex test as well - you know the one they hit your knee with a hammer ... funny.
  4. + 1 .... big props to the Drifters - i think they did a awesome job - they actually put some effort in trying to entertain the crowds
  5. or that awful looking arena on the old Perth Entertainment Centre Site! Now with the mining tax (yes i realise its a federal not a state tax) but it's not like this state doesn't contribute enough tax - it's time to give some things back to the people of this state. I could understand if they were doing major upgrades of hospitals, schools, roads etc - but it doesn't seem like they are doing much of that either so where is all the money going? Maybe they will pull it all out and start throwing it around willy nilly around election time like they normally do ..... that's the only time things seem to get done. Anyway it is what it is, it was what it was - as fustrating as it is we shouldn't get our hopes up that things will ever change. Hopefully next year i'll just bypass all this amature night crap and actually go see an proper F1 race.
  6. i get what you're saying. There was a fire burning off in the distance in the afternoon and we were standing in the 2nd bus queue for about half an hour amongst the other masses and i go to Paul - 'You know it's an off chance but if a fire was to come through here we'd all be screwed' and he goes 'Yeah it'd be interesting to see what their fire evacuation plan is' Yes it's a long shot - but these things do occasionally happen and that's why risk management exists. I do think the crowds were extremely well behaved. I hope next year they do hold it again but with the street circuit - might be tempted back with a change of venue.
  7. I really wanted this event to do well. Perth needs more events like this. The event management of it was just really novice. Yes the first of anything you expect some teething problems but this was just really basic event management stuff like how to get people to and from the event that was a total fail. Some people are like 'they weren't expecting as many people as they got' blah blah blah - i call bullshit. Most of the tickets were presold and the media had been quoting 20,000 people attending for the past two weeks. It's not too hard to then go - 'we can park so many cars in car park X, then we will have to park 7,000 cars in the overflow carpark, average is about 3 people per car and the bulk of them will arrive over these 3 hours, buses cater for 70 people and a round trip takes the bus 20mins - therefore we need X amount of buses on rotation to handle these numbers. Having people walk on a very hot day through long grass (snakes) a 3/4km walk is dangerous. Lucky for us we are relatively fit but I saw so many not so fit people, mature age people and people with little kids that looked like they were not far from health problems and if you collapse etc out there - there is no medical attention.It was just dangerous. There were no clear signage on how the buses etc worked or where the stops were, you'd ask staff and they all had different information. How hard was it for them to call up the people that organise the Super Cars and the event management at the Motorplex etc and go 'This is the event we want to hold, this is the venue we want to use, you've held these types of events before - what are the biggest issues you face? how do you overcome them? what about the event would you do differently etc - it may be their first rodeo but it's not the first WA has hosted a big motorsport event like this and it isn't the first time one has been hosted at Barbegello. I didn't expect the F1 car to be full throttle - i realise it's an expensive machine and this is just a demonstration day for them but come on least put a little bit of effort in! I felt quite underwhelmed by it and there's a lot of people who probably think now that that's an F1 car in full flight. Felt a bit disappointed with the number of laps it did too. The only group who i thought put some effort in to entertaining the crowd was the Drifters otherwise it was a bunch of cars going for a bit of a leisurely cruise around the track. Then there's the letting everyone into the pits, so too bad if you had spent the extra money to actually buy a pit pass. The fact the only shade was in the alcoholic area which isn't the smartest idea if you are trying to promote a family friendly event. A few of the 'events' advertised like the Hillclimb you wouldn't of even known it was going on and those that did make the walk over to see it found that by just after midday those competitors were packing up and going home. I hope it does continue next year with some major improvements and while i'm a big motorsport fan I really can't see myself going back next year - unfortunately WA has a habit of not learning from previous mistakes.
  8. exactly what i thought ..... then i realised i must be getting old and out of the loop.
  9. I think half of WA have worked for AHG at some point. Including myself.
  10. I'd imagine he's talking the legally run events or I'm hoping .... last thing we need is more tools. When it comes to hillclimb events, motorkhanas etc here are a few clubs and organisations that run events: http://www.allfours.org.au/forums/index.php (good for: skidpan days, barbegello track days) http://www.classicrally.com.au/ (good for: tarmac rallies, superkhanas) http://dtec.com.au/mc-motorsport/car-clubs.htm (hold regular motorkhana and sprint track days) http://www.speedeventseries.com/ (hillclimbs and sprints) Keep an eye on the SAUWA event and racing page too - we hold skidpan days and there's other information on there in regards to events coming up Welcome to the big smoke
  11. Here you are I'm very new to photoshop so apologise if it looks a little rough around the edges but should give you an idea. For what it's worth i'd also go the white.
  12. I was a bit the same - always wanted to be a Graphic Artist but later in my teens didn't want to be the starving artist type. I've done 10 years in the Automotive Industry. It was luck that I fell into it ... and that was before i got my license and had any interest in cars but it really grew on me and became quite addictive. I didn't find it a problem that cars were my workplace and hobby - i think working with something you have a passion for definately helps in the workplace and when i was employing people i always looked for someone who had an interest in cars. It is a bitch of an industry though. Pay is crap - lets just get that out of the way ... that's why you need passion because sometimes its the only way you can justify the pay. If you have the creative itch you need to have scratched on a daily basis then maybe doing stereo installs might not be for you - have you thought maybe of an spraypainting apprenticeship? that might be something thats automotive but can unleash your creativity on. The hours are schit - well they look normal but i've always found that i am expected to do over above the hours that were printed on my agreement although i've always been on the administrative/sales side not the accessory fitment side. If you want to be a blogger for speedhunters then this is going to be a very longterm goal for you and if that is your dream you'll get there eventually but you are going to have to be prepared for 20+ years working your way up. To pursue this you may want to start getting into more the selling side because that's when you get to drive a whole heap of different cars, have to learn about a whole different type of vehicles and talk to a whole heap of different people what excites people about cars and what are their motorvations behind selecting the vehicles they do and even then if that's what you want to do then you probably need to drop the car industry idea and go get yourself a journalism degree. As for the direction of the car industry in the future. As populations grow and land is at a premium there will be more and more urban sprawl as we are starting to see now. Which means greater distances to travel for work etc. Now unless Australia really pulls up its socks in the way of public transport i can see that cars are going to be a neccessity of australian life for at least our lifetime. Im sure we will start seeing more and more alternative fuelled vehicles hybrids, electrics etc but there will always be a need for some people to want to customise to stand out from the crowd. In short while i think life will evolve towards different technologies but i think the car industry has a lot of life in it yet.
  13. Nah i've done it that many times now i've lost interest. I'll find something for me and him to do that day.
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