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  1. Price: $5500 159,000km REGO S745BGO - due 2 Oct 2018 It's time to sell my Nissan Stagea M35. I've owned it for 3 years. Selling to pay off the money I still owe on it (not secured). Features: RX model with 6-disc CD stacker in dash Factory pop-up screen with English translation (includes trip computer) Reversing camera (uses the pop-up screen on the dash) TV system connected to the pop-up screen. Not sure if this works but all the gear is there and wired up. Just needs an antenna. Bluetooth, iphone connector, USB, all connected to the stereo and working Factory leather interior Factory heated front seats Factory floor mats Factory dual sunroof Factory rear spoiler Factory cargo cover in boot Factory remote start system (parts only, not installed) Factory indicators on side mirrors Climate control A/C No mechanical modifications other than engine immobiliser (required for insurance) Still running standard boost. No modifications. New rear tyres. PM me or SMS/call 0403904699 Carsales link (same details as posted here): https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Stagea-2002/SSE-AD-5560779
  2. It's completely stock mechanically and externally. Looks pretty tidy though.
  3. A previous owner installed a TV tuner and had it wired up to the factory screen in the dash. They've also got a media selector thingy in the centre console and it has a bluetooth module and also USB cables (presumably I can plug in a USB device and play movies or songs, but I haven't tried). The bluetooth module has a button on it which turns it on/off. Once on it will automatically turn on when the car turns on, so only need to do that once. I paired my phone with the bluetooth, then went into the screen and selected TV and then VCR (or is it VTR?). Had to select that a few times but then I was able to play audio on my phone and it came through the car speakers. I assume that phone calls would do the same but haven't tried yet. I couldn't see any microphone anywhere so not sure if it just relies on the phone's microphone. It's not ideal though. For one, I need to pair the bluetooth every time I get in the car. With my previous car it happened automatically. I also cannot skip tracks over bluetooth - I have to do it directly on my phone. Plus there's no pick up/hang up button on the dash etc for answering calls. These were all things my $50 stereo in my corolla did. So while I'm stoked that I can at least play songs from spotify over the car speakers, it's kind of "just enough".
  4. Some of the longer term members on here might remember me... I've owned 3 Stageas before (one at a time) and just bought my 4th last night! Each time in the past I eventually needed to sell for some reason but then circumstances change and I keep coming back. Also the prices of stageas keep dropping (bad for owners, great for buyers) and I couldn't think of another car that provided the same value for money. So in the past I owned a s2 then a M35 then back to a s2 a year or two later. I sold the last one about 5 years ago. My new one is a 2002 250RX FOUR, with dual sunroofs, silver exterior, beige leather interior, electric + heated seats, indicators on mirrors, and the popup screen has english conversion + TV tuner + bluetooth etc. The bluetooth audio is a life-saver because I use spotify on my phone and the car cd player is crap. Bluetooth is clear, doesn't skip, and it also works for phone calls and google maps navigation - plus the phone will turn the music down automatically so you can hear the navigation audio. So glad it's all installed and working I've already been searching for info on here regarding bits and pieces I'm not familiar with, for example getting the bluetooth working. Everything else seems to be in order. I don't plan to modify this one (famous last words lol) but will probably continue to lurk here from time to time
  5. FOR SALE: 2000 Nissan Stagea (series 2) RS4V, only 120,000kms. Pearl White, Dayz body kit, Auto, AWD, turbo, unmodified, immaculate condition - $10,500!! PM me for more details.
  6. sorry for double post - the forum says "error occurred" so there's no indication that it actually went through.
  7. 2000 Nissan Stagea RS4 "V" for sale - $11000 - 120,000km - AWD - pearl white - unmodified - excellent condition! Official thread (including photos) here: CLICK HERE
  8. 2000 Nissan Stagea RS4 "V" for sale - $11000 * 120,000km * AWD * pearl white * unmodified * excellent condition! Official thread (including photos) here: CLICK HERE
  9. Link to ebay is here: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2000-NISSAN-STAGEA-RS4V-C34-Series-2-DAYZ-bodykit-AWD-Wagon-/160729768587?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item256c3da28b#ht_594wt_1398 This is a "best offer" classified ad, so go ahead, give us you best offer.
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