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  1. hi all, looking to buy or perhaps borrow a 18x 10 gtr rim as spare for targa, have my own dunlop race tyre to fit, any help appreciated, cheers
  2. need a standard airbox for my R33 gtr. any available?
  3. Took the datto out for a run. Piss poor turnout but got to bed in new pads and rotors and scuff up the new dunlops ready for the next club day, come and get ur tyres ben i ned room in my shed :laughing-smiley-014: :laughing-smiley-014:
  4. so is this trackday still going ahead on the 7th july, what time? how much?
  5. A hook spanner for adjusting the locknuts on the shockies to adjust height?, if thats what ur after, yeah ive got one for my bilsteins, ur welcome to borrow it, but im in launie, cheers Paul 0428838802
  6. best in the state is without a doubt Andy Kuc at pro automotive in sunderland st moonah
  7. Had a great time for my first time out. Ran a best of 1.02.11, car ran good and met some nice people, Dom, Brendon, Ben etc. might go back for another run some time.
  8. Hey Dom, was good to meet you the other day. Had a ball at my first club day, car went well and learnt heaps, cheers mate, paul
  9. throw one my way lads, what about the traditional datsun colours, blue red and white with say a tiger head backround representing tassie?....just a thought, cheers
  10. Yep, the 33 is mine, and has just ticked 1000ks since rebuild, feeling realy strong, Kuzie is king!
  11. Gidday kerry, 1 psi !, mines just an ole datto, i will be lucky to keep up with you!. Running in a new engine so i will just be sneaking along, see you sunday, cheers Paul
  12. Come on guys, this sunday, cruise day, show some interest and it may lead to bigger and better things, see you there, cheers Paul
  13. Rosie, i agree with the x-man 100%, although your mechanic has said your twin plate is an excellent clutch, no-one is disputing that. The facts are its a dog of a thing to drive and you obviously cant come to terms with it so i agree with the x dude, a jim berry set up is an excellent cluch, single plate, light pedal yet delivering over 2 tonnes of plate pressure good for more Kw than you will ever have, its a cloned subaru clutch and would be my first choice for a street machine. I have a new nismo twin plate and it like yours is a pig to get going at the lights but i intend to do track work, if i didnt the jim berry would be strait in, food for thought, cheers Smud
  14. Gidday Rosie, ive put a set of dunlop sp 9000s on my GTR and they dont seem to do anything wrong. Mine are 245/35/18 and not real cheap but you are probably runnning 17s by the look of it so go for a 17 with no less than 40 profile, that should ride a bit better for you. If Steve Bell is doing your engine you must live in Launie. Just remember your first expense is your cheapest expense, do it once do it right. Sounds like you have a boost controller on it so once the engine is a runner get it to Brad at Chris Colgraves at Invermay and he will tune and set the boost for you, say no more that 17pounds on premium will be fine. As far as the clutch goes fit up a standard system to make it user friendly. If you get stuck for engine components give me a yell i might be able to source it for you. Dont be frightened to ask others for advice on prices etc, no need to spend more than you have to. If you want to sell that clutch i might be interested, cheers paul
  15. Cool, i will come and say gidday, which gtr do i look out 4?, cheers Paul
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