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  1. The pistons have had a good life. 6 years of racing on a set of std pistons
  2. I'll be there, but it turns out that the spark plug problem that caused the ecu to miss count trigger teeth and fire 30 deg out caused a fair bit on damage. The machine shop found a 9 thou bow in the bore, so I pulled all the rings off the pistons to check them, once the rings came off the ring lands fell out. So i'm going oversized ross pistons, hopefully i'll have everything back this week to put it back together.
  3. The Skyline dash is suede from spotlight, at the time it was cheaper than flocking. I did get a flock kit from a woodwork shop to do the dash of the Subaru, it's pretty easy, paint the glue on then tip the flock on then wait.
  4. empty'd
  5. Sounds like we get advice from the same people. my restrictors are threaded so I'll be able to but new ones in, I was going to run mig tips but they were too hard to get a die over. I'm planning on 2x 0.9 (from 2x 1.5)
  6. So I did a hill climb a few weeks ago and the car was pushing oil again, so I decided to investigate it properly. I only got the problem after I put the new sump on, so I looked through some old logs and compared it to current logs. It turns out by fixing the oil pressure (or lack of pressure) problem I had created another with too much oil in the head. A few years ago I get followed the sydneykid guide for the oil restrictors (1.25mm and block), but that starved the head and made the lifers rattle. So now I'm going to have to go back to that setup. So since the head has to come off I've decided to strip it down and do rings and bearings, and also fix the bits that weren't done properly when it was rushed together the first time. So it's off at the machine shop at the moment to have it ready to go for snowy riger sprint in Sept
  7. Well my event turned to shit when I cut a corner a blew a tyre which we had to change in the middle of a stage. We sorted the car a fair bit over the rest of the event though. Here is our wet Sideling run, 1st in GT4 and 3rd overall
  8. Here is the incar from the wettest race
  9. Race 2 was great today, torrential rain. I went from 10th to 4th in the first lap before being red flagged. On the restart I went from 10th to 3rd on the first lap, and ended up 4th at the end of the race. I had oil pressure problems (not enough oil in sump) in the last race, so pulled the car in before I damaged anything. The calsonic car is a local one. gtst with gtr wide body and rb26. Emo isn't too bad I just need to find the correct oil level for the new sump for the circuit.
  10. Fire was pretty small. I overfilled the sump, so it spat a heap of oil out, when the catch can filled up it started putting oil in the engine bay, which found it's way onto the turbo. Made it out for race 1, but it was cut short because of an evo that couldn't handle the wet. Hoping for more rain tomorrow
  11. I think the Mustang only has about 700hp
  12. I'm back from Lake Mountain. I had the car come off the trailer on the way to the boat which damaged the intercooler, no holes but blocked a few tubes. Thanks to Roy for looking found Melb for a replacement, but I recided to use what I had. It took me a while to get back up to speed, but by the last few stages we were starting to get the correct amount of speed from the car. Still some more to go, but getting better in the lead up to Targa. This was the last stage for the event.
  13. My problem was the I got ebay chinese 1zz coils (were not stamped Denso), and they just fail and don't give spark. I replaced them with vdo branded 1zz coils and they are fine. You will be fine with either VDO or Denso. I am off to Lake Mountain Sprint this weekend in the Skyline
  14. I gave the car it's first shakedown on the weekend and the Ross Auto Corsa. Played with the setup and boost a bit, the below run is at 10psi boost (usually run 20)