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  1. Yeah it was pretty uneventful from the inside. I assumed i'd melted a piston, but my mates informed me when I got towed back in that there was a loud bang and there was bits all over the track. The bottom end is stock crank and rods, arp rod bolts and ross pistons. I've been using those rods since 2011, so they have done alot of work and I think i put the rod bolts in around 2012.
  2. I ran last weekend at the Symmons Plains 60th annaverary meet. Unfortunately after a good run the engine decided to throw a rod. I've got the engine out but havn't pulled the sump off yet, I suspect a rod bolt has failed as it had oil pressure when it failed. Time to build the 2.2 These were on the cross member
  3. I found it on spares box. from what i read everyone else hacks up their gtr cradle so the walbro one will work. I couldn't find anywhere that sold the std Nissan one
  4. So after a couple of years of doing nothing i've started giving the old girl some love again. The goal is to build a 2.2l sroker and run it in classic gt in Targa 2022. I have replaced the Racepak dash with a motec C125. The motec is in a different leage as far as what it can do and how well the i2 software works to view the logs. I found a fuel sock that would fit propery in the factory pump bracket, hopfully this will stop the car eating fuel pumps. Also fitted a rain light to keep cams happy. I had to put new seatbelts in to replace the perfectly good but out of dates ones. I'll be running the car at the 60th anniversary meeting for Symmons Plains on Oct 24-25. Still some work to do on the car before then, but it will be good to have it up to date and running again.
  5. I'm after a complied stright R32 gtst shell, but it needs to be from 1989.
  6. I tried to PM you, but forum said no
  7. Seems to be a baby 25 NEO head. Most of the parts are common between them going off Nissan Fast New classic GT rules have opened up a world of possibilities
  8. Bumping this thread up again. Anyone know where I would be able to find a RB20 NEO, I really only want the head but will take a complete engine if avaliable.
  9. I am trying too hunt down a RB20DE NEO motor. From what I have read these cars came out with them: -STAGEA WHC34 - RB20DE NEO (1997-1998) -LAUREL HC35 - RB20DE NEO (1997-1998) -Laurel C35, S3 RB20DE NEO 1999 -SKYLINE R34, RB20DE NEO 1999 Wondering if anyone is selling or knows someone who is selling this particular motor, any help would be appreciated.
  10. A Dunlop DZ03 or Yoki A050 would be far superior wet and dry, and they both go up to 295 wide. Nengun must be making some sweet sweet profit, as they retail closer to $600ea in Aus
  11. I didn't think SAU needed to invaded by LS power haha. Skyline isn't going anywhere and will still be updated here https://www.facebook.com/crestracecraft/
  12. I haven't got a thread on it, just on my racing facebook page. The mod list is cage, seats, shocks so not a lot to report on haha
  13. Yep Subie is gone, replaced with a 2010 Corvette ZR1
  14. Thought I better give an update. I've added R34 GT-R rims onto the car with Dunlop 265's, they only just fit but it's made a big difference to grip. The last event for the year was the Poatina Mountain Race, we finished 2nd overall to a 360awkw R34 GT-R which wasn't too bad. Especially when rally safe said we were 20km/h down on his top speed. Plans for 2018 is for some circuit work and maybe some more Mountain Motorsports events. I want to have a crack at the Targa Championship in the Corvette, so probably less events in the Skyline
  15. So I should probably update from the past 2 rallies. The Snowy River sprint was stinking hot, we ended up with 60 deg cabin tempatures. Unfortunatly we did the weekend on 10psi of boost, as the boost solenoid failed. But we still set top 3 times most of the weekend with no power. Luckely for us the event got cut short because of bushfires, the heat had also killed the alternator I left the car in melb for 3 weeks between Snowy River and GTR. When I picked it up I replaced the alt and solenoid. GTR was a better rally. I had a new nav so we lost a fair bit of time in the morning getting up to speed with each other. But by the end of the event we were getting stage wins. We ended up finishing 2nd in the championship, which I can't really complain about since the car was temperamental for most of the year.
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