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  1. Well my event turned to shit when I cut a corner a blew a tyre which we had to change in the middle of a stage. We sorted the car a fair bit over the rest of the event though. Here is our wet Sideling run, 1st in GT4 and 3rd overall
  2. Here is the incar from the wettest race
  3. Race 2 was great today, torrential rain. I went from 10th to 4th in the first lap before being red flagged. On the restart I went from 10th to 3rd on the first lap, and ended up 4th at the end of the race. I had oil pressure problems (not enough oil in sump) in the last race, so pulled the car in before I damaged anything. The calsonic car is a local one. gtst with gtr wide body and rb26. Emo isn't too bad I just need to find the correct oil level for the new sump for the circuit.
  4. Fire was pretty small. I overfilled the sump, so it spat a heap of oil out, when the catch can filled up it started putting oil in the engine bay, which found it's way onto the turbo. Made it out for race 1, but it was cut short because of an evo that couldn't handle the wet. Hoping for more rain tomorrow
  5. I think the Mustang only has about 700hp
  6. I'm back from Lake Mountain. I had the car come off the trailer on the way to the boat which damaged the intercooler, no holes but blocked a few tubes. Thanks to Roy for looking found Melb for a replacement, but I recided to use what I had. It took me a while to get back up to speed, but by the last few stages we were starting to get the correct amount of speed from the car. Still some more to go, but getting better in the lead up to Targa. This was the last stage for the event.
  7. My problem was the I got ebay chinese 1zz coils (were not stamped Denso), and they just fail and don't give spark. I replaced them with vdo branded 1zz coils and they are fine. You will be fine with either VDO or Denso. I am off to Lake Mountain Sprint this weekend in the Skyline
  8. I gave the car it's first shakedown on the weekend and the Ross Auto Corsa. Played with the setup and boost a bit, the below run is at 10psi boost (usually run 20)
  9. It’s been a while, but it’s time for an update. I entered the Sports GT support race for the V8 Supercars at Phillip Island for Nov 2015 I installed new sealing rings instead of a head gasket. They require the block to machined similar to o ringing, they are able to grow and follow the head and have a copper gasket with 3bond for the water galleries. I also started building a new winged sump 2 weeks before I was due to leave for Phillip Island Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and went in to hospital. So I parked the new sump and continued to put the car together. The car was ready a couple of days before I was due to leave, or so I thought. I got the car tuned and found my Chinese 1zzfe coils were good for 1 dyno pull before dying, so I ran down the road and got some VDO ones (which are still fine) finished the tune and took the car home to find oil under the car. I cracked the oil filter mount that bolts to the block as the gasket was damaged and not giving an even surface. The crack was almost invisible to the eye, but it was opening up under pressure. The day I was due to leave, the doctor called us in and said Dad only had days left to live and advised me not to go, but Dad insisted that I go. My mate got hold of a filter mount at 1pm and dropped it to me, I fitted it and found it didn't leak after 30 secs of running so I drove back to the hospital to have a beer with dad and drove to the boat. The first session at Phillip Island my rear tierod came loose, giving me 4mm toe in on the drivers side. As the weekend went on I found the car wash pushing coolant out for the first couple of laps of each race, and the coolant pressure was spiking. But I continued on and finished the weekend and got some good wheel to wheel racing in. In hindsight I realised that I hadn't retentioned the head studs, so the head was lifting, but the sealing rings filled the gap once the cylinder temp raised. I returned home and Dad died 1 week later. Shortly after the funeral I decided to run Dad's Subie in Targa instead of the Skyline, as the GT4 class is far more prominent. I also pulled the head of the Skyline to fix it in case I had to fall back on it. Once I got the head off, I could see that the cylinders were leaking everywhere and retentioning headstuds is done for a reason. As it turned out that's all I did on the Skyline for 12 months, it just sat in the corner of the shed feeling sad. The Subie took far more work than I thought to convert to the GT4 regs from the Modern regs so it was all very last minute. I got to the even with high expectations wanting to do well for Dad and it was the first big rally for me and my girlfriend together. She had done another event 2 months before Targa with another competitor as a warm up, as I didn't have a car ready, but she was different when she came back. We started the event well, and lead for 2 days, but I blew 3 tyres because I'd put too much camber on the car (only worked out after the event), had a couple of offs, and as the event went on I was continually having to fetch the mrs out of the other competitors room. After the after party she stayed the night 'on the couch'. After some witness statements of her actions/drunken confessions I kicked her out of home for cheating (turns out it was a few over the years...all racers). After that I didn't look at the cars for a long time and considered selling them and not going racing again. Late in 2016 I got back into the Skyline. I found I had valve float on the inlet valves, so I replaced all the inlet valves and put extra spacers under the springs for more preload. I put all the engine back together again and hit the starter..... 0 compression on any cylinder. A few days later I pulled the head back off, everything looked fine, so I put it all back together again. This time it had compression on 3 then 4 then 5 cylinders, but not 6. I pulled the engine out and the head off again and found a bent valve. After talking to some people I worked out that the lifters got gunked up, as they were sitting in a box for 12 months. I replaced the valve and pulled all the lifters apart and cleaned them. I also completed my new sump and installed that while the engine was out. So this time when I put it all back together the car started and ran on 6 cylinders. I've done some road testing and haven't pushed and coolant plus the coolant pressures seem fine. I've event retentioned the head studs. So the car is now ready for it's first event in a long time, the Ross Auto Corsa. After that I will be using it for Circuit and AASA tarmac rallies
  10. Do we have a new Maldenardo?
  11. I think it's more to do with getting the early modern field away from the GT2/4 pace. It wasn't announced in the release, but the GT2/4 cars have all had more weight added to them across the board, I've got to put another 40kg in the Subie, Quinny needs to put 50kg in the Lambo. The E85 ban has been on the cards for a while, it's just been a matter of when it will happen.
  12. Yes there is. Peter 'golly' Roberts and Scott Tatsi are both running RB20's
  13. You'll have great fun. I quite enjoy crewing....not us much as racing though No Radio, but I have A/C