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  1. Had a look over the Juke R at the Paris motorshow Loved seeing the Jukes every where in London and Paris and the R was even cooler, just not sure about the front end and that price tag listed!
  2. F1 Marussia driver Maria de Villota in Duxford crash http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-18685789
  3. He can't be making that much, he can't even afford a top big enough to cover her bra
  4. was really surprised at that given how close the rest of the qualiy was Q2 was edge of the seat stuff with the top 6 covered by less than a tenth of a second! If only this track provided racing as exciting as that! hopefully Koba or Romain can get winner no 8
  5. Hopefuly they like the DTM and come out to the round in Sept! otherwise happy to spend a day or 2 exploring the beach for them ( or other like them! )
  6. Damn i picked the wrong month to go to valencia! hopefully they are still around in 2 months
  7. Very depressing watching LeMans this year, was meant to have some of my design work and sponsorship out on track ( again ) but the deal fell through at the last minute Driver attempts to repair the delta wing to get it back to the pits.
  8. Some Extraordinary Machinery there Sauber C9 And Great to see the Leyton House colours there too
  9. X2 - set my alarm for 3pm not am :-(
  10. Paul Di Resta is a Bargain at 200K Euro!!
  11. I'm going with a Lotus, they had great straight line speed in Spain which will help here
  12. Not sure of Specific details only got the info I posted.
  13. from my mates FB V8 Radical engine with 385 bhp X Trac touring car sequential gearbox spaceframe chassis 610 KG's .....did I mention its front wheel drive
  14. I'm not encouraging people not to hit him Can't wait to see what he can be done for tonight, we already know his excuse for any penalties
  15. Accoding to this site he is lucky to be racing at all this weekend not to mention he did the same thing to Lewis last year at Spa, deliberately ramming him when he was held up
  16. BMW 1 series + Le Mans LMP2 Engine = WANT!!!
  17. Not really look at Ferrari.. Was wondering about the comment from Sky about the Ferrari Pace and how Alonso managed to "hook a lap in" but alonso is doing it consistently where as felipe is just no where. If Ferrari want to be series contenders they need to get rid of felipe ASAP as 17th isn't good enough, and given the speed of everyone in qualifying the cars in front deserve to be there, I have a feeling another tough day in the office for him. and who would have thought a williams and ferrari front row!!
  18. I will in 4 months time
  19. Lotus look good on the long distance running but if the tire degradation becomes and Issue the Saubers seem to have an answer for tire economy Hopefully Sauber can give me a reason to wear my Sauber Jacket to work again tomorrow!! Or Kimmi can come through with the goods, I'm sure I can get my Black and Gold Lotus hat to fit in with corporate wear
  20. and neither has the legal community... logic and common sense is not applicable to the modern community
  21. LOL FAIL much http://torrentfreak.com/pirate-bay-enjoys-12-million-traffic-boost-shares-unblocking-tips-120502/
  22. GO NICO and Mercedes Benz AMG F1
  23. SRT's new Lemans GTE class Viper
  24. Given how cheap flights are at the moment I was looking at the Texas F1, looks like its popular as most of the hotels are fully booked for the weekend in Austin
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