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  1. Not unprofessional..... just pure fraud
  2. If you want to watch some real supercars Round 1 of The Aussie GT's from Adelaide will be on 7mate today at 3pm
  3. Yep the SLS is very Awesome..... not that i'm biased. The answer to the 458 is Alan Simonsen... if you own a Ferrari and want it to win you give him a call. Car is same spec and similar speeds to the Merc, but it gets around with a lot more drama and noise, where as the Merc doing similar lap times are some what more relaxed / lethargic sounding so its quite deceptive. I'm still blown away at the crowds reaction to the GT races this year, its all been so positive its amazing to hear / see.
  4. The Clipsal after party was somewhat dead this year, but thats what you get when vodka o aren't running it But in saying that i didn't get home until 5.30 this morning.
  5. Most of them were behind the pits I found over the last 2 days, ran into a couple in there that i knew ( the joys of throwing after parties ) but over all I thought they were down, and unlike you i don't go out of my way to find them lol GT had some today for the podium presentation in the paddocks *EDIT* there are a few more back there behind the drivers
  6. Considering i was a 'free agent' this year seemed to work longer and harder than last year! Long day yesterday arrived at the track at 8am our final GT race finished at 7.15 and didn't leave the track closer to 10 due to a banged up Merc Car didn't make it out on track but the 2nd one got a podium for the weekend. The mosler I was 'working' with kept it on the track and after we discussed some changes on friday night the car picked up 5secs a lap to be competitive today was great to see the crowds all comment on how interesting the GT races were this year. and if anyone wants to buy me a AMG SLS i won't say no
  7. One sad Merc at the end of tonight's race
  8. To add to the 458's collection of Lap records it broke the Clipsal GT record tonight in the light rain on the damp track
  9. I thought they only did it on the saturday and sunday... last year we made the superscreens when we were front row and they recorded the swimsuit soft porn... and a little reminder of last years Oh and the weather looks a bit shit http://www.bom.gov.au/sa/forecasts/adelaide.shtml
  10. What days are you going in Andrew? need to pencil in the annual 'fashion show' for saturday or sunday or both
  11. I have to wait until tomorrow night to find out if i have a Team pass lol, nothing like leaving it to the last minute.
  12. But they will have better suspension and handling. The GT cars peaked at around 260 - 270kph on conrod compared to the V8's knocking on 300kph. All the time is made up across the top of the mountain. The GT cars have much better aero, but the driver reports on the COTF state that they handle a lot more like the Cup Cars
  13. So Who's going? I know Andrew and I will be there as usual... although i am still to arrange a 4 day pass Also won't be working as such this year so will have some more free time to catch up, although my mates are now spread around in different categories not all in the GT so will be running around like an idiot any way there should be a GTR running around in the GT category (approx 30 cars so good turn out this year) make sure you support the Merc SLS's!
  14. only live internet feed until 5pm Speed showing the world super bike series as per their contract with the super bikes
  15. back at it again this weekend, hours in before the ran the 458GT3 has set a new official lap record in the 12 hour a 2:06.3311 with another 4 cars under the V8 Lap record http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?26/02/2012.MOUN.R13
  16. 12Hr is getting coverage on Speed, and Live stream on line (bathurst 12 hour site) not sure about the support categories for the weekend. 12 Hour class qualifying results http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?26/02/2012.MOUN.Q5
  17. New 2012 Camaro Race Car! If you want a fast yank tank give it to Lambo's race division :thumbsup:
  18. Yeah have been waiting for it to come on line again. The website says the league is open in Late Feb to set up comps
  19. http://www.caterhamf1.com/news/2012/vitaly-petrov-joins-caterham-f1-team
  20. I'll stick to GT racing... Have fun watching a Nissan Shell Race
  21. HRT : Doesn't look too bad! Saubers F Duct
  22. Are you talking about this
  23. I can't see it making much difference obviously Ferrari think so considering they haven't done the concave design like the other 2 ugly ducklings launched so far. Sauber have the step, haven't heard much talk about the other cars as yet
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