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  1. ************$17,800********* PRICE DROP
  2. $18,000 Anyone? need to sell to make room for new car next week
  3. ye just need to sell it asap as my new car is comming soon, otherwise price would be much higher as i have spent big $$$ on it, sad to see it go
  4. what do you guys think about the price? need to sell asap as new car will be comming soon
  5. ye traction problems were real bad, was getting 105-106mph 14.2 @ 2.6 60 foot time, that at calder would be 13.00 with a 2.0-2.1 60 footer. also didnt like that you couldnt actually see your time until you actually came around were as calder even while your still on the strip you see your time, was a good day out.
  6. its not very hard i just changed my Dump pipe(split pipe) front pipe and hi flow, last week, soak the bolts in wd40 and you shouldnt have a problem just take it easy on the bolts as they will be rusted. my new dump pipe came with a gasket kit but the original nissan gasket is made out of metal (off the back of turbo) so just left that one as it looked like much better quality then the new one. but its best you change your front pipe/cat gaskets
  7. so, would you say taking of with the hand brake up sitting on boost as you launch or just ride the clutch as much as possible and take of on 0 psi, as for example autos when they stall it up they always take of on boost
  8. i would take them, but i live in melb spuin an need them for saturday, any special take off techneeks with brass button clutches? were u cant really ride? ive tried hand brake helps a little
  9. thats a pretty mad 60'' time man, ye standard clutch is much better than b/button as theres no ride in the clutch its on or off, so wen u try take off at 3-4000rpm ~~~~~ what was your finanal 1/4 mile time with a your 60' at 1.9 and mph?
  10. ye that right, so im assuming the 16/215/60 will work betta say at 18-20psi than the 17/235/45? i think the main problem is the clutch coz it so frictiony and its pretty much impossible to ride and from the take of shock/stress on the small profile just starts spining. the car makes just over 200rwk. any ideas on a better take of strategy the 17's are potenza gIII's, and the 16's are good year eagle ga
  11. thanks, ye that sounds right, just had a few ppl tell me dont bother with rims (something like a 45 profile) as it will only spin especially with a b/bustton clutch, i will be testing both sets of tyres this saturday so wel see what happends, has anybody had any Actual experiences were they have compared a both smaller and larger profiles?
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