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  1. @HansOrph Thanks for reminder. Picks added. Carn Rats!

  2. I just don't think I can watch the rest of this test match. Or indeed the next one. @CricketAus has me flummoxed.… https://t.co/FrowYigvOd

  3. The digital support by @Optus is usually very good, but f**k me, the "support" i've received lately has me consider… https://t.co/ABFyqfurX0

  4. The issues wasn't a big one, but I found myself yelling because of the constant interuptions and zero attempt to ma… https://t.co/2CzyWiCzjh

  5. Just loved "Hip-Hop History 1992 Mix" by Brooklyn Radio on @mixcloud https://t.co/wxO1a7iLXl

  6. @AdamSpenceAU Our photos? ?

  7. Just discovered a rather large family of rats living under our wheelie bins. The most concerning part is that they… https://t.co/Mn03oQQ71i

  8. RT @BBC: Farewell 2017. Thank you for giving us this. ? https://t.co/tIUAzNnIUU

  9. RT @OsloDavis: #Christmas #antlers #carantlers https://t.co/rus9y9eYi6

  10. RT @Loud_Lass: These vandals have been running riot for too long. via @Talaolp #auspol https://t.co/ZbsFB3iO6I

  11. I’m a little confused. What kind of reviews are these, #CodeKit? They’re not selling me incase you were wondering. https://t.co/yNNQG48PZi

  12. @thegrandtour Even for us Australians? Nah didn't think so.

  13. Oh yes. Private Internet Access allows me to bypass #VPN for local addresses. #VPNSearch might be over!

  14. RT @GetUp: Some Glen Davis farmers made a #StopAdani sign out of cow pats! Because a billion dollars for a billionaire's coal mine is ....…

  15. RT @Jackthelad1947: No #GasShortage here 3 stooges are full of hot air! Forget fossil fuels we need clean energy for a modern economy #ausp…

  16. This was my fathers approach. He didn’t sway one way or the other but he said the worst case scenario is that the w… https://t.co/c4McRKn4P1

  17. Such a beautiful classic Alfa. https://t.co/AIPCoS7zE6

  18. RT @annehelen: 'WAKE UP PRETTY' v. 'EXPLORE YOUR FUTURE' https://t.co/PgRjUWzCGN

  19. And that's why he's the captain. https://t.co/HUFgwPWDT9

  20. Gday. #hermitcrab #reeftank https://t.co/MlqfhZ43e4 https://t.co/asBVahAgod

  21. @Tugster376 True.

  22. Does the one on the right change the angle just to screw with ol Lefty? https://t.co/baETN1ADxz

  23. Ads still showing on Youtube during blackout? https://t.co/lNRqawRjdQ

  24. It's cost a shit load of money and taken a poop load of time but the Bora lives again! #Vohttps://t.co/nc8QYowETk https://t.co/6gusUFGwye

  25. On to my 3rd Stones album for the day.

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