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  1. would love to come but cant, working, but come see me after ok. ill try hook u up with some drinks if the boss's arent around COME TO MUSTANG AFTER OK!!!!
  2. john legend - she doesnt have to know
  3. hahah wats worse is when guys are looking at u and when they get up they are wearing a G-STRING and then come talk to u! thats just not right! wrong wrong wrong!!!! lol
  4. dammit! bloody xmas party has to be on that night!!! im actually quite devo coz this couldve been my last cruise with my baby before i have to leave her behind when i go to the states!!! oh well have fun guys!
  5. d*&khead panel beaters that fix ur car but end up stuffing it up somehow, and when u take it back to get it fixed, they end up f$@king up ur whole electrics!!!! not cool ay............
  6. i am listening to that new p diddy song, cant remember wat its called but it sounds good on my stereo!!!
  7. really....oh well i like. my bro had it on his skyline and it looked alright. each to their own i guess
  8. hmm i think its a jun 33. bought it in like march so i kinda forgotten wat it is
  9. ahh well puttin it in next week so maybe two to three weeks coz gonna get my kit put on at the same time and maybe get a re-spray while im at it
  10. hahah feel so much better now. got a witness kinda thing to wat happened so he didnt have a chance anyway sucker
  11. pretty much in the intersection and yep its those set of lights.
  12. ahhh was coming out of giveway into the left lane onto waneroo (i know sounds like its my fault already but wait....theres more lol) saw cars turning from waneroo into nolla ave which was where i was coming from so clearly i could go coz no cars were coming from my right and then this guy came speeding up in the right lane and coz someone was in the right lane infront of him he changed lanes and obviously didnt see that i had turned into the left lane and hit my arse end.....not cool. then says it my fault. hope that wasnt too confusing
  13. wat grinds my gears is when the top bloke that hits ur car from behind says the accident was ur fault and that he's going to sue, when it clearly wasnt ur fault at all......all i say is bring it on.
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