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  1. thanks to TEAM KARAM RACING AND V&E RIGOLI RACING for clearing my defects
  2. yeah imported the car with Powerplay Imports years ago- it was complied by Racing R-
  3. yeap got defected on the way to dinner at bondi beach has anyone had a defect on: 1. battery in boot not vented to atmosphere 2. tyre placard not fitted/ missing what a waste of a hour and a half waiting
  4. my names daniel- own a silver whale yes my stats show ive been a member since 2002- actually before that- even before SDU organised the first skyline cruize with OzGTR when 8 skylines turned up- how things have changed lol
  5. GOD DAMN IT!! cant find the pic of me and ur GTR- MAGICAL 1ST NIGHT TOGETHER lol
  7. mini- minh has all the pics on his face book-- even the chops lol-- peter pan- alf etc rofl
  8. yeh jen- there was a cruize organised way before even that lol- damn im old skool
  9. yeah TWS lol nuthin much- years have past- jus wanted to see whos still around damn we had some funny classic moments- i still remember going on the 1st eva skyline cruize that OzGTR organised back in 2001- only 5 skylines rocked up- and look at it now.......
  10. rofl- im back from da dead again
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