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  1. if a moderator has said 'consider this your only warning' what does that mean? my only warning before what?
  2. i highly doubt that they are diamonds on the bike.
  3. they arent diamonds they are swarovski crystals http://www.carblog.co.za/2007/11/21/swarov...des-benz-sl600/ it doesnt belong to PRINCE ALWALEED from Saudi Arabia its owned by this company http://www.garson-usa.com/mercedes/mercedes.html and was for sale in Moscow recently
  4. ladders in tights / stockings etc. so annoying. i bought a new pair on saturday, have worn them twice and i just got a ladder in them from something poking out from under my desk now i have to go buy new ones.
  5. it does make sense now this leads me to another questions.. in what other circumstances may i use the report post function? say someone was being agressive and demonstrating behaviour inappropriate on sau.. am i able to report their post?
  6. so what is the point in a moderator closing their own for sale thread. why can they not just do the same as everyone else and go - "item sold"? also, can someone tell me how many reports im allowed to make before i am suspended?
  7. so in answering the questions presented; the current system in place is if the creator of a topic reports their own post and asks for it to be closed is there anywhere that tells users this? most people i know just put a new post in the thread 'mods pls delete'
  8. It came to my attention that there are a great deal of unclosed posts in the WA for sale section. Many of these have been requested to be closed by the memeber whom created them. When I asked Dan the Man he told me to use the "report" function, which I have never used before to send notes to the moderators of the specified area about the topic in question. I was then suspended for using the "report" function too much. I therefore have two questions; - what is the policy that the WA mods in the for sale section use? - how many report's may one make before being suspended? I would like to make a suggestion that the mods of the for sale section do a regular check (monthly?) on the recent items that have sold and close the topics. I would say that the for sale section gets used a great deal on the WA forum and it would benefit the users if it was cleared. When I was browsing I noted a possible 10 or more threads that I myself would deem closed, this was within the space of 10 minutes or less. I am aware that the mods are voluntary and therefore do not always have the time available to do this, however I would like to note that the vast majority of them are on sauwa for at least 2 hours or more a day and would deffinately have the capacity in this time to do so.
  9. when my dad was younger he had a red lotus in the UK. someone scratched it all the way around the pannels and wrote SIHT on the roof. he got it resprayed black but he never felt happy about the car after that and sold it its horrible that people can do things like that.
  10. the cost of insurance you are charged will depend on a rating that you are given by insurance companies when they are conducting a quote. the rating is determined on; - your age - your driving experience - if you have any criminal offences - if you have made any insurance claims in the past - how long you have held insurance for in the past your rating and the specifications / age / modifications / what suburb your car is parked in, will determine how much you will pay per year Even though just car are seemingly expensive (my car was $2400 full comprehensive per year with a 33gtst - was 19 at the time) they are probably the best one for imported cars if you are under 25 years old. I have heard that shannons are very good however they do not insure anyone under the age of 25.
  11. am i right in thinking that its not really the keying that is terrible.. its more the timing of the keying on the new paint? do you think that whoever did it knew that you had just had your car done up? and that they purposefully did the keying after it was resprayed etc? or do you think it was just pure coincidence?
  12. i just got green p's ahahaha i come off my Ps on the 16th July, but i allready have my non P plater license... what do i do? display them or not display them?
  13. i almost fell victim to the pedestrian / puddle incident today but i stepped back before the splash and i stayed perfectly dry
  14. yeah its really an attempt to controll something that they cant.
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