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  1. I was planning on doing all new bearings below, maybe pistsons/rods/head work, balance everything. The goal would be a 260rwkw motor that is responsive that can take a good beating. If I have enough cash maybe I'll look into a tomei motor, although they are expensive !
  2. Yeah I know about the revs, I need to stop watching the mines r34 video haha. Kurtis-Let me know how your setup works, as far as spool, performance, etc. I'll prob hop on the 2530 wagon.
  3. thanks for the input, really appreciate it. I think I'm going to stick with the 2510. Do you suppose an intake manifold like the 26 style would help out? I really like the low rpm spool, but I like revving too so I could live with a 2530 if that's what it comes down to. What would make an rb20 safe to rev to 8000rpm + ?
  4. I saw the recommendations, but is it really needed for an rb20det running 220-260rwkw with a new std oil pump , oil cooler and filter relocation??
  5. out of curiousity, the hks2510, what exhaust flange does that use? does it use a 6 bolt like the std. 20 turbo? I heard the 2510 is basically the same as the stock rb20 turbo with more top end, and can be boosted more. The 2530 is the 6 bolt pattern on the exhaust side I think...will probably go with the 2530. Anyone hear of haltech engine management?
  6. I wouldn't mind bumping up the hp (260rwkw) is my top goal) if the response is still there. I just don't want a huge HP laggy machine that is no fun to drive Also what would be needed to rev higher safely in the drive train department? hks2530 seems to be in mind..
  7. thanks for the reply. So a high flowed rb25 turbo will be less laggy then a 2530....? What about cams, and head work? Manifold(s) Thanks, Shawn
  8. Yup I read through that, but I'm wondering the laggyness of a 2530 compared to the rb25 turbo? I plan on doing coil packs, fuel control, injectors if needed, Cooler, N1 oil pump, new gaskets, rings, if I have the money new internals, little head work. I just don't want something powerful, I'd like it to be very responsive so I can use it on some small tracks and such and country roads.
  9. Hello all I will be rebuilding my rb20 this winter and was wondering what the best turbo would be for response. I'm only looking for 300hp at the crank and want something responsive. Would an HKS 2530 be most suitable or a rb25 turbo? I'll be using an aftermarket intake manifold also. thanks!
  10. Oily filters are a mess. It will eventually seep into your intake or all over your car. Blitz SUS LM dry cone filter works good, and its loud too (good spool) Replacement is 35$ It's a finer design too, but not as restrictive as paper....
  11. so with SAFC-II you could have a low boost and high boost setting eh?
  12. would it benefit the motor to run rich at any level of rpm?
  13. Thanks for the input, especially abu. I think I'll compression test it, and if numbers look good just keep it the way it is. Exhaust was just smelly! Too rich on low rpms, should these motors need a tune with JUST intake and exhaust? I'll post up a dyno sheet soon... thanks all
  14. nope car is totalled, engine will be going in another car
  15. Hey mates, my car has just been totalled. some girl pulled out in front of me and my car went crunch. Motor is fine, radiator was like a cushion, only really hit p/s pump. motor cradle is a little bent on left. anyway I was wondering whats involved in a typical rebuild. All new gaskets, piston rings, hone? Motor has close to 130k I'm sure. Looking to stick with stock turbo, up the boost to 12, cooler, intake, etc. thanks fellas
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