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  1. Yeh, sorry mate, someone is going to get a F*cking BARGAIN!!! Can't believe I've had no calls even, the misses has got the shits so I'm SLASHING IT TO $11,000!!! :-( Just got to figure out how to change my heading? Another update just call my mobile 0404499771, my hotmail gets too much spam so I might miss it!
  2. Get this awesome R34 TURBO SEDAN at a Bargain price! Plenty of extra's and great performance mixed with Legendary Looks and reliability! Extra's include: *HKS Intercooler *K&N POD FILTER *PWR Triple-Core Alloy Radiator with Twin 12" Thermo Fans to keep her cool *NEW Adjustable KONI Coil-over Shocks all round *APEXI SAFC2 (Airflow Computer Controller) and TURBO TIMER *$2500 Sony Bluetooth Stereo Sytem with Sub+Amp, Tweeters +Front Speakers with Pioneer Kevlar Rear Speakers - Awesome sound, links with your phone or MP3 player seemlessly for calls and music! * BOOST CONTROLLER = MORE GRUNT!! * NEW power-steering unit * 4Sp Tiptronic Auto - Fully rebuilt 14 months ago - Kevlar Bands, Stage 2 Shift Kit - Western Suburbs Automatics, Fully Serviced with New Full Synthetic Fluid * Transmission-Oil Cooler * Always serviced with Mobil 1 * Air-con regassed in December These cars come with a list of standard features as long as your arm including NEO RB25DET Motor, FACTORY XENON HEADLIGHTS, Front Strut Tower Brace, 4 Spot Front Brake Calipers and Twin Rears, 4 Wheel Steer, ABS, Climate Control, Factory Floormats, Body Kit, Full Factory Guages including Boost,Oil Temp & Pressure. 17" Factory Alloys and Stylish Bodykit along with 4 Doors mean you can take more than 1 friend with you! I am the 1st Australian owner bought with 92,000km, This has been my regular daily driver for 2 years and is a really great car with no hassles, only selling because I have upgraded. It has some minor things that could do with fixing but nothing major. Very CHEAP, Must Sell, Will consider Reasonable Offer. Genuine Enquiries Only, No Dreamers or Joy Riders! Call Dylan on 0404499771 or email dylan_ansems@hotmail.com don't PM because I will probably forget to check it
  3. Read back through the thread, I think most peoples happened after going around corners, mine seemed to happen when I would pull up going downhill, then when taking off again it would be in limp mode (locked in 3rd)
  4. Well hopefully you all get a solution before you need a new box like I did :-( And the worst part is the new box was speed limited again doh! Not that u can do it often, but occasionally it was nice to get her up to 220-230 now it just bangs against it at 185, sucks but probably for my own good lol.
  5. Ohh, spewing, totally didn't think of calling Mike! I called everrybloody auto, highperformance, skyline specialist shop in south east qld! Oh well, hope everybody else remembers mike when they have an auto problem, the new shift kit isn't aas nice as his was either, but atleast the box is going well now. Cheers, Dylan.
  6. Just a final update, They had so many bloody problems and couldn't work it out, apparently the ecu blew a chip or something then they couldn't get it repaired so replaced it, had heaps of trouble finding a tiptronic ecu for the r34. Eventually got one but then they tried to tell me it was fixed, but I took it for a drive and said no way was I taking that, it slipped so bad from about 4000 to 6000 just to change 1st to 2nd at about 3/4 throttle, he said oh we didn't know how hard you would drive it! I said that's not hard that's only 3/4 throttle. Long story short, they bought another box, rebuilt it with all the goodies that mine was meant to get then put it in, no probs now! Bad thing is they charged me about $1400 extra for all the ecu drama's (repaired twice and a second hand one as well.) so it cost $4600 instead of $3200, but happy to have her back again after 2 month away. Dylan.
  7. Just done 100k, I had the 100kmajor service done when it was 90k and they told me the auto was nearly shagged then. The guys said it wasn't standard solenoids, originally he said they would have them the next day and they would be $400, then when they pulled the box out they turned out to be different and needed to come from Japan for $750. I'll ask him more about that when I pick it up. No idea about power, couple of small mods, HKS intercoolerand pod filter, manual boost controller at about .7bar (10ish psi I think) SAFCII controller. All goes prety bloody good for the dollars spent (smokes XR8's no probs lol, but what doesn't ) Cheers, Dylan
  8. Well Done Wally, I wouldn't be too keen to do that myself, I'd probably be stuck in reversve forever if I tried it! Anyway, I get mine back on Tuesday, the kit took 2 1/2 weeks to get here from Japan, but everything else is done and waiting on them, new torque converter, new kevlar bands, new valve body (stage 2 shift again) and the new solenoids when they get here. Hopefully it feels like the bucks were well spent! Cheers Dylan
  9. http://www.wsautomatics.com.au give them a call, I reckon they would. Dylan.
  10. Thanks Guys, I think I'll take Ferni's advice and go to Natrad, thanks for the offer Nisswreck, but if I'm gonna pull the dash out I may as well save some heartache and chuck a new one in o I only have to do it once as they seem to a problem item that die pretty easily. A part # would still be handy if anyone knows Cheers Dylan. Ps I found your link to predators pics thanks ferni, hope thge R34 is similar. i'll probably wait till next winter now anyway lol.
  11. Sounds like your heater is already bypassed, if you don't need a heater you can probably pull the core out, but it won't save you much weight, unless you're really serious about racing, but then yhou probably wouldn't have an air-con in it cause that would save you heaps mre weight and power. if there is a pipe looped in the cooling systm near the holes in the firewall you were talking about, then your heater is bypassed. Cheers Dylan
  12. Damn, a Hot chick with good taste! love the silver GTR, very nice.

  13. Hi guys, Need to know where to get a heater core (whole kit maybe) for R34. Preferrably want a new one as I dont ever want to do the install twice! Anyone help with the part number as well. Is it the same as 32,33's, maybe same as the maxima's? Anyhelp appreciated. Dylan.
  14. Yeh I 2nd that, Can you post those guides again Predator, I know its been a while, but skylines still bust heater cores by the sound of it lol and we need your guidance. Cheers Dylan
  15. Any chance of getting the link to these guides active again? I really need to change my heater core and while i've got the dash out may as well change the LED's to make it bright and shiny. My core dropped it guts over a year ago and winter sux without a heater! I've just had it bypassed ever since but would like to get it all fixed. If anyone has the link to pulling out the R34 dash and changing the heater unit that would be awesome, also anyone tell me the part number for the heater unit or where I can buy one? Thanks for the great post anyway predator. Dylan
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