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  1. Hi Mate,,, do you still have the door locks and keys ? if you do how much and would you be willing to post them to QLD/
  2. Yeah,, its safe. Im running a similar setup exhaust wise . When you install it just make sure the screw is wound all the way out that should give your 10psi
  3. I bought one a few weeks ago and he still had a fair few left then.. Just checked ebay and he has none listed. You might want to PM simark87, he's the guy that makes them.
  4. I'll give you $190 and pay for postage if you can send it to Cairns !!
  5. It could be that the flasher unit itself has a problem..... does it still make the clicking sound.... might pay to try a new one
  6. Sounds as though your thrust bearing is gooooone...not overly expensive to fix
  7. They would be the oil pressure, battery,seat belt and engine management warning lights
  8. Your best bet is to use a contact adhesive.. you dont need special carpet or vinyl... just apply the adhesive with a brush so that you get a thin coating on both surfaces ... let it go touch dry... then carefully place the carpet or vinyl on to the surface... be careful of air bubbles if doing vinyl.
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