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  1. hahahahahaha..... sorry mate hahahahaha. a clutch that can damage the firewall.... now thats super heavy duty
  2. thanks abu but i am a turbo guy too just cant work out how to change the info in my thingy on the side
  3. hi everyone i was just at an exhaust place getting my muffler welded up (cracked) for a roadworthy when the guy at the shop starts telling me that my 3" system is causing me to lose power?? then he goes on to say that for street driving i will get noticeble gains from going to a 2.5" catback system ( with 3" dump,frontpipe and cat) and will get a mountain of touqe and mid range power from this 2.5" system that he will make up for me, he also added that mandrel bent exhausts had no gains over just bending normally. so now i am thinking is there any sence to this madness or is this guy just trying to get me to go and buy an exhaust of him?? any feed back welcome cheers dean
  4. hey need a new headlight r/h side only r33 s1 and i was wondering if anyone in melb had one they wanted to sell. if not any ideas on the best place to get one and a rough price?? thnaks
  5. disco33

    Vic Roads

    after just getting of the phone to vic roads just venting some frustration..... vic roads r a bunch of F**KEN C***S. anything to get more money out of ya.
  6. mine has always fluttered pretty loudly through the blitz pod but has never made this other noise when boosting?? sorry not much help
  7. im in doncaster... anyone got a ball park figure?? thanks
  8. hi i got a s1 r33 with a cracked head just wonder if anyone has had the same prob. and if so where the work was done and prices people have paid to get this work done. thanks dean
  9. my s1 with a touch of art work
  10. hey guys just a quickie..... how many kw u think i would be making on a s1 r33 gtst with the following mods. fmic, pod (shielded with cold air), avcr 12psi, full 3" zorst turbo back, and where do i head from hear to get best bang for buck i also have exceedy clutch and other mods encluding wheels, lowered etc thanks
  11. hey guys i have a silver r33 1994 gtst with 128000 manual .one problam. i think the car has a blownhead gasket it still runs but overheats i have stoped driving after relizing this so the car is just sitting in the garage. there are traces of oil in the radiator i have decided to sell the car as i was goingt to sell this year anyway as i need a ute for work. At the moment i am looking for offers to see what i can get for it as is. (serious offers please fellas) now to the good parts the car is in amazing condition inside and out its two tone silver/grey and has been my pride and joy for the past 2 yrs before that it was owned by my best mate as a weekend cruiser and he pampered it too. oil changed every 5000 since we have had it between us so thats the last 4yrs. has done 128000km. all standard things like electrics, ac etc are in perfect working order. genuine skyline mats front and rear. 2 blitz AC white face gauges boost, temp in pillar mount. momo race steering wheel and momo race gear knob. HKS turbo timer panasonic head unit. and original skyline head unit 4 x pioneer 6" 220w speakers 10 stacker in boot black lights at driver and passenger feet. Apexi avcr Digital boost controler Hybrid monster front mount intercooler with crome piping. original cooler included. exceedy cusion button clutch (2 months old) 300mm slotted front rotors (2months old) green stuff break pads (2 months old) Jasma dunk megaphone 3" exhaust with 5" tip. (passes epa noise level by 1.2 db) great tone!! Blitz monster pod filter. irium tipped spark plugs. custom 3" CAI 4 x CIRCLUZ white 17" wheels with tyres 75% 5 spoked deep dish. 4 x BLACK RACING N1 PRO 18" wheels bronze colour. NO TYRES. the car is in melb. it starts but will need to be towed as it heaps up within 10-15 kms. email me for any other info disco_mx@hotmail.com thanks dean
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