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  1. My budget is not very high, Mark at Hills motorsport suggested starting with FMIC, Turbo back exhaust with split dump pipe full 3", decent boost controller and lock the boost at 11 or 12psi. I have budgeted for $3000.00
  2. As much as i would love to go out and buy one the minister for finance (me misses) won't allow that so i guessing i will have to make something up sucks to be me.
  3. Hey Guys, Budget is currently about $3000,00 over the next few months so i should be alrite there. I bought a bloody Just Jap intercooler kit the passenger side piping is sweet and there ain't no way in hell im cutting a big bloody hole in the side of my car i think i will reverse the intake for the cooler and run it back through the orig pipe work least that way the coldest air will be running straight into the engine and not passing the radiator 1st, can anyone tell me if $1280 is a good deal for a full Turbo back exhaust 3" should i be asking for a split dump pipe???
  4. Make: Toyota Model: Celica Milage: 197250 Transmission: Manual Colour: Burgandy Location: Sydney (Hills Area) Complied? YES Currently registered? Yes till Oct 2008 Price: $7500.00 neg Contact: Nick by PM or PM for a contact number Comments / Modifications: Has new 17" alloys with tyres that have travelled around 5000kms, Glass Sunroof, Cat Back Exhaust, Sony MP3 Head Deck with full Amp wiring kit still in car, Has a Reco Motor and new clutch only done 30000kms awesome looking car. I am selling this car for my father i have strict instuctions on what i can let it go for as it stands now he is selling cause he is 50 and can no longer get in and out of the car (ha ha its to low and his knee's are stuffed). Im willing the drop the price to $6500.00 with out the pillar gauges and i put the 16" alloys that we bought it with back on (16" are not factory they are nice looking with near new tyres), for all those interested this is not MY car i have a Mitsubishi 380 and GTT Skyline this is my 50 yo fathers so needless to say it has not been driven alot as this was a weekender. ANY QUESTIONS OR GENUINE BUYERS PM ME Images:
  5. I bought a cheap chinese intercooler setup the other week but i don't like the idea of cutting holes in the side of my car has anyone had success with running the pipes along the bottom or top of the cooler and connecting to the original pipe work? If anyone has could you PM me and shoot me some pics. If not i will just give it a go and post my pics when im done. Thanks
  6. I have the FMIC ready to go on this weekend, currently its putting out 124rwkw stock standard nothing diff on the car that was running normal fuel. The guy who did the dyno run for me was saying with a decent size front mount, 3" turbo back hi flow exhaust, boost controller and 12psi should get somewhere around the 180rwkw. Tell me guys is it really that big of a thing the change the computer i was kinda hoping to avoid the expence. Excuse the ingnorance but i am new to turbo cars give me a good old 4, 6 or 8 cylinder and im sweet ha ha
  7. Hi Guys Girls and everything in between, Can some of you make some suggestion to how i can increase the power output from my R34 Gt-t Tiptronic i currently have 124kw i would be happy with something around the 180kw range. I have had some suggestion from running full 3" Turbo back exhaust, Full Front mount intercooler and boost to 12psi has anyone tried this and can provide feedback??? Thanks
  8. Hey Speak to Mark at Hills Motor spot he can set you up with a Turbo back system pretty cheap had a few mates get work done by him looks good runs good and sounds awesome.
  9. Can anyone help I want 200kw from the rear wheels of our R34 GT-T Skyline I really don't want to change out the Turbo though my plans are to Upgrade the exhaust by running a 3" Dump & Front Pipes 3" Hi Flow Cat and full 3" Cat back HKS Silent Hi Power Exhaust System im also planning to put in a front mount intercooler and toying with the idea of boosting the factory turbo to 12psi. Any thoughts from anyone has anyone done this sort of thing before???? Thanks P.s. Having a Dyno run on the weekend will post the stock factory results next week.
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