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  1. Make: Nissan Model: Skyline GTS-T Milage: 159000 Transmission: 5sp manual Colour: Black Location: Box Hill South, Victoria Complied? Yes RWC supplied? Yes Currently registered? Yes Price: $12500 Negotiable, open to any reasonable offers Contact: Mobile 0409280901 e-mail [email protected] Comments / Modifications: factory sunroof, 17" Enkei rims, OEM bodykit, GTR spoiler. Also have a Nismo 400R kit (frontbar and side skirts) to throw in, never got around to putting it on the car Images:
  2. Hey, not on here much anymore, I went over to the dark side and got a Supra. Anyway, spotted a black R33 on racecourse rd turning onto flemington rd??? tonight, orange and silver stripe up the side, If your on here man, I was the black supra beside you. You have one mean looking beast, probably one of the nicest r33s i've seen in awhile.
  3. yeah... does help alot, thankyou. now i don't have to save multiple images in different stages etc, gets really messy and here is a picture of my supra... well will be mine in a few days anyway
  4. from one begginer to another, not bad. I like that you put in eyelids... i'm sick of seeing chops that are essentially colour changes with new rims, good to see your not affraid of playing around a bit.
  5. Can't help myself... the bonnet on this one is a bit rough, aswell as the body kit... if anyone knows how to stretch skew twist etc, layers in photoshop cs2 the advice would be well recieved as at the moment i'm bouncing between adobe photoshop cs2 and coreldraw photopaint 10 anywho... before and after (changes: bonnet vents, intercooler, lowered kit, colour and decal, rims, debadging and despoiling) hopefully I pick up my soop next week sometime too, I'll have to chop that aswell I guess.
  6. yeah... well I kept the vector files I made on my last chop, didn't want them to go to waste
  7. wow, for as long as i've been watching these forums, never realised that i'd never posted before... anyway, thought i'd post up my very first photochop, which just happens to be my black r33 before and after
  8. was fiddling with an R35 image on another forum and thought I might post it here. if anyone else is interested in doing so i'd love to see others attempts before and after (ignore name at top as its my forum name on different forum)
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