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  1. Actually if you can put him with someone that woukd be good. He's not a huge car guy so I'm not sure he'll appreciate sitting on his own in the wet and cold.
  2. My mate Robbo will be with me and he gets severe motion sickness - i doubt he'll want any passenger rides. Put him down where ever.
  3. All good. Took my own advice and removed the whole thing. Even in the vice it was a b%$ch to remove.
  4. Hi all, My car has an oil filter relocation kit (not installed by me) and I'm trying to remove the oil filter. Problem is its on there so tight that it is causing the mount it's attached to to bend when I twist it. Do you have any tips for how to loosen this thing up? I've tried WD40 but it hasn't seemed to have helped. Only other option I can think of is to completely remove the relocation kit and put the filter in a vice to unscrew. Thanks.
  5. Also shoot the results through to me next time. It shouldn't be hard to build a spread sheet that automatically fills in the details. I could literally bring my laptop to DECA enter the numbers there and have the results before we get back to the hotel.
  6. To describe what you missed out on this is Campbell ripping his shirt off on the dance floor after raving to the cover band.
  7. So oil pressure goes suddenly? Even a sensitive alarm wouldn't help? What about fuel pressure? My last engine died because the fuel pump failed
  8. Hi all, I'm looking to install a few gauges in my 180sx for reliability. The car will mostly be used for track events. What gauges do you recommend I install? I plan on investing in decent quality ones that will feature some sort of alarm. I'm thinking: oil pressure, fuel pressure and oil temp. Is this a good combination? The stock temp gauge is a water temp gauge correct? Is this accurate? Do you require an aftermarket water temp gauge if you have an oil temp gauge? Are there any other gauges worth installing? ETG? Volts? I want them all to have a use, they're not for show. Thanks.
  9. The port is fine now. It was only early stages that had issues. As for the engine and graphics dark souls is easily the best combat system I've ever played. It is extremely rewarding once you learn it. The game play far outweighs the average graphics.
  10. Who else is raging their way through this game?
  11. Brad and I will be there around 8-9am happy to help out where ever.
  12. Current engine is just tired. Uneven compression, did poorly on the leak down test, starts playing up when hot and down on power for the mods. To be honest it would be fine for street use, at least in the short term, but I bought this car to be a registered track car. I'd hate to have to tow it home from Winton.
  13. Hi all, I need to replace my SR20DET in my 1994 180sx and was wondering if you had any advice. For simplicity sake going with another Black Top S13 SR is the cheapest and easiest to install but also the riskiest in terms of getting another lemon. In your experience is it worthwhile investing in a late model engine vs. throwing in a cheap older model? Also where is the best place to purchase engines from? Importers, ebay, wreckers, etc. Thanks.
  14. I just bought a flight stick and holy shit it's hard to use. I went from 1-3 kill average in historical to not even landing a hit. Not sure if I can be bothered learning it as it will take weeks of constantly play to get anywhere near good.
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