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  1. Hi all, Just wondering if there are any traders on this forum that can supply a koyo radiator for a s14? PLease let me know price & location. Im in Sydney. Cheers
  2. Are any hybrif fmic kit for an 03 STI? Particular after the 600x300x76. Cheers
  3. mac30


    Sorry located in Sydney.
  4. mac30


    Hi All, Was hoping if someone could recommend or know of anyone who does stereo installs? I have a s15 and would like someone to do a a full stereo install ie. speakers, amps, unit, subs, etc provided they know what their doing. Let me know how much your after and we could work something out. Cheers
  5. mac30


    Hi All, I am after a manual conversion for a soarer. Basically need the following: manual pedal box, clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder , clutch (any type) ,tail shaft for the conversion. If u have a gearbox that will fit the soarer I'll be very interested. Assuming TT supra gearboxes is a straight fit & handle good power. Thanks in advance
  6. Will these laptops be able to run FC datalogic for Power FC? Im not sure if it actually needs Windows 2K.
  7. Does anyone know where I could get the full manual for datalogic? Im specifically after the one for sr20 (ver 1.099)?
  8. sented pm in regards to pics enquired.
  9. wow, didnt know was that much for a one off. Would love to see more rx7's in there but what u have is very nice as well. Are these still going for $55 + $5 postage? If it is Im willing to take 2 or 3.
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