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  1. These wheels were hard to come by at this size, They are 1 Piece forged alloy very light weight.
  2. Yeah mate same as in the picture on the first post. The Clutch Discs are sprung also allowing it to be used on the street not just for race. Also comes with throw out bearing.
  3. Band new Ray's TE 37's Rims for sale perfect for drag project and use with front runners, They will fit 26x.8.5 MT Slicks. Price: $2000 Condition: Brand New still in Box and packaging.
  4. As topic says; I have a brand new NPC twin plate clutch for my be-lovered skyline but am unable to continue building my r33. Price: $2500ono PM me for more details or Pic's Clutch Pic
  5. All things that are good !!
  6. Bee’s dick away from the 8’s good stuff
  7. pitty thiers no mention of times from the HKS car
  8. Well you changed 2 things, AFM and Fuel pump; you have eliminated the AFM, so check the dam fuel pump. Can you here it prime when you turn the ignition on, is it intank? External? Check to see if it’s getting voltage, is it a faulty pump? Or wired in wrong? See how you go
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