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  1. GTSBoy. That would mean I still need to get high comp pistons prolly around the 10:x:x mark?
  2. Ben C34. Seems so. Plus the compression is the same for both engines 9:0:1
  3. I have already done two General overhauls, All the Gaskets plus seals, piston rings etc have all been changed. On the 2nd overhaul, the connecting rod bearings were damaged so we had to rebore the crankshaft and use 0.25mm bearings instead. Main bearings were changed as well. Our R31's odometer comes in miles so it has already travelled 238,332miles which is equivalent to 383,558km.
  4. Ok. As per topic. Hope this is the right place for this post and yes I have read the RB30 Twincam conversion PDF many times now. I just want to make sure, if a R33 RB25DET head with VVT blocked off can fit onto a RB30 block, then the same can be done for the reverse. I just need to block off the VVT feed from the RB25DET block and everything will bolt on, fit and run perfectly? Right? Reason for doing this is because my RB30 block is already worn out, needs to be re-bored and 86.5mm pistons installed etc. Pistons sets are not cheap. RB25DET blocks are plenty here and I was thinking why not use them. Our RB30's here are all carburetted hence I would like to keep that setup. I'm just looking for opinions. Thanks.
  5. As per title, anyone has a nissan part number of a stock N/A Rb30e oil pump? Thanks.
  6. So just use a hose and plum it to the HKS wastegate. Got it. Thanks.
  7. HKS GT2530KAI Turbo question Please take a look at the image and can anyone tell me what is suppose to be plummed there? The turbo is used hence i do not know what the previous owner did with the turbo. Thanks.
  8. Engine is RB30E. Can i have the part numbers for the valve seals and how many do i need and part numbers for the piston rings. Thanks.
  9. Ok time to finalize things here. Got a spare gauge, installed it and..............it's the same. lol Just got an stock oil pressure sender today, installed it and it works. Sender is next to oil filter. It doesn't drop to 0 anymore when engine is in idle. Problem solved. Damn oil pressure sender.
  10. Understood. Thanks for clearing up the doubts.
  11. Maybe the sensor is not working properly. Either that or it's the gauge. But my engine is RB30S so it's a bit different i think. The sensor is located at the engine bay passanger side. I do have a spare sensor so maybe i'll chuck it in tomorrow and see. The picture is before i fixed the hose at the bottom.
  12. Something's been bugging me for a while. I have a stock ECR33 LSD (center) at my shed which is from a R200 Casing. I know it's a longshot to ask, but will it fit into this R31 R200 Longnose Diff Case? I think the answer is no right?
  13. I think my diff is open as well. Will need a LSD option fitted when my project starts. Hard to find one nowadays. Don't know if mine's 25 or 28 spline axle's. Maybe the Australian Silhouette version will fit. I heard it has 28 spline axles.
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