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  1. Anyone know the model number of the RB20 Auto Gearbox and the R33 S2 Manual Gearbox? Cheers Owen
  2. Thanx guys for your help this mod ( http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Re...amp;pid=4756582 ) is an awesome idea gonna do it on monday.
  3. May not be hard to make but i haven't got the tools or skill to make one, How and what would i have to do to mod the stock to stop it from closing up?
  4. Hi I've just put an RB25 in my HR31 but the induction pipe keeps sucking closed under boost and causing the car to jolt as if i hit a wall is there anyone on the forums who can either hook me up with a aliminum or silicon one or make me a custom induction pipe please. Cheers Owen
  5. I've finished putting the RB25 into my 2Door 31 i've followed some of the wiring instructions at http://wiki.r31skylineclub.com/index.php?t...DET_into_an_R31 the fuel pump and ECU part as far as i can tell everything is connected properly the engines ready to start but when i turn the key the fuel pump primes the starter solenoid clicks and i a warning light comes on (looks like and engine with smoke coming off it) i've tested the battery and even tried another no luck anybody got any ideas. Cheers Owen
  6. That car IS Sex i wouldn't sell it if i owned it, it'd be3 like selling my soul. good luck with the sale anyways.
  7. More parts! 32 Clutch master and slave cylinder 33 Brake booster 32 Clutch Pedal 33 Brake pedal 33 Accelerator 33 Front end steering rack 33 dampners and springs 33 Left hand and right hand Hubs LCA's whole assembly minus rotors and brakes
  8. I just re-read the forum rules and realised i left insufficent contact info so here's my details Contact: Owen Mobile Number: 0438205108 Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
  9. ummm. yeah i dont' know what it's called it's the unit that allows you to adjust the car temp or turn on the AC first pic on the left last row.
  10. Hi guys just got a Series 2 R33 front cut for a manual conversion and engine swap. everything apart from the Engine, Loom, Computer and Gearbox is up for sale. Dash (Airbag has been deployed) Dash Surronds Dash Ganish Kick Panels Left and Right Instument cluster and surround Climate Control Assembly Climate Control Unit Engine Mounts Factory Intercooler and piping Front lefthand and righthand guard with GT badges (Guards are pretty banged up but a mate of mine will beat them back into shape) Steering colum Steering wheel (Airbag has been deployed) Manual Surround and Rubberboots Glovebox Engine Relaybox Fusebox Brakebooster Clutch master cylinder Clutch slave cylinder Accelerator pedal Clutch pedal Brake pedal + miscelaneous relays wires and bits and pieces Everything is pretty much in A1 condittion so if your interested PM me and make an offer. Buyer pays Freight or Postage. More pictures of items avaliable on request.
  11. Bas7ard$ that's pretty much all i've got to say i feel sory for your mate it's an awful feeling to realise somones taken your car it would be even worse if it was his dream car i hope she shows up safe and sound and not thrashed to much. p.s keep an eye on the car enthusiast websites just in case the cheeky Bas7ard$ try and sell her off as parts.
  12. Name: Owen Location: Devonport Job: Crew Trainer @ McDonalds Devonport (I'm Lovin' It) Car: 1988 HR31 GTSX Two tone dark blue over sliver with rainbow mettalic fleck. Mods: (work in progress) Engine RB25, Manual Conversion, Greddy FMIC Future Mods: S13 LCA and Hubs, Tein Coilover Suspension, Turbo Upgrade, Oil Cooler, Aftermarket Computer,
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