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  1. Clearing the garage so selling my old 350z wheels.Nismo LMGT4 19” wheels with Kumho KU39.Fronts: 8.5” ET+25 245/35/19 (Date Stamp 4/16)Rears: 9.5” ET+30 275/35/19 (Date Stamp 10/16)Wheels are in close to perfect condition with one tiny mark on the front right (shown). No other marks ever - or repairs.Tyres are close to new and only purchased for roadworthy.Can ship via courier at cost. Please contact for an estimate. Asking $5,000. Offers considered.
  2. What's your budget? Are you badged as Nissan or Infiniti?
  3. I use a pH neutral shampoo from Final Inspection. I don't have a problem with high pressure water if used to rinse only. http://www.finalinspection.com.au/store/pr...;products_id=48
  4. Funds cleared and tracking number provided to buyer yesterday. This thread can be closed. Thanks all for the interest.
  5. SOLD pending funds clearance. Thanks for the interest.
  6. Hey guys, I recently picked a rev-up airbox for my 350Z and it came with the pipe or "Z-Tube" which I don't require (as I already have one). Therefore I thought someone here might be interested. I believe they retail ~$120. Why you may want it Location: Melbourne (eastern suburbs) Price: $60 picked up; $75 registered post to you door in Australia Condition: Excellent, as new Contact: via PM Pictures: on request
  7. Would purchase from the local tuner at an AUD price. I wouldn't worry about this just yet I would need to check comparability with JDM cars now but it is one of stages to reverse engineer the ECU to local markets (ie: Australian Z33). If ECU already compatible then nothing stopping you buying now. If you get the Tuner though you forgo Uprev support.
  8. I'm all for someone working on getting this to the Sydney market My goal is to have a Pro Tuner in Melb by end of March 2010.
  9. I'll be following up early in the new year. Tuner shop approached was interested but requires them to get more involved. I'll also add that the chosen reflash is Orisis from Uprev. Comes in three options (a) flash; (b) standard; © tuner. More info for those interested can be found at www.uprev.com Uprev is also very keen to establish a Pro Tuner(s) in Australia.
  10. From eBay I'd with the one sold buy myNismo.com. They have an excellent reputation with US 350z guys. EDIT: Email them direct and get that shipping price down
  11. I've looked at a couple of reflashes in detail and narrowed the list two products that would be best for the Aussie market. Both offer these features. +1 to pw350gt. It all depends on your car. Tuning doesn't create power, it unleashes it. Tuning is efficiency and a by-product of that will be more power. So if your car is in good shape, and there are gains to be made, there will be gains made. Add more parts that add a mechanical advantage, and the tuning will net you even more gain.
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