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  1. So. Did you order the thing through the link? And did it come with ac controls?
  2. get a 34 gtt ecu, get it nistuned, put it in. get it tuned.
  3. Man nobody modifies rb25s anymore? Mek me an offer!
  4. xALmoN

    I have a passenger side one for hundred bucks if you want it buddy. Plus whatever shipping if you're not in melb.
  5. I have a broken 21u turbo for sale. It's basically the housing as both comp and turbine wheels are broken. Originally bought this to high flow but my 34 is now gone. Located in Glen Waverley. Pm me or text me at zero four two five 0625 75
  6. xALmoN

    hi guise. long time.
  7. xALmoN

    did you? lol. i'm on the monash every single day
  8. xALmoN

    oh? another thief dies? that's good. i hope more die.
  9. xALmoN

    nothing. ability to pay the fees, ability to pay for rent/food and thats it.
  10. xALmoN

    lol tonight then. i'll let you know when i rouse from my nap.
  11. xALmoN

    yes. modifying the banana. which reminds me, gotta come pick up those oil bits. tomorrow sound good?
  12. xALmoN

    abalone has got to be one of the most overrated seafoods ever.
  13. xALmoN

  14. xALmoN

    housemate is getting married, so he's gonna move out. makes no sense in renting such a big house anymore. but apartments in gw are so exp to rent!