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  1. Clandestine

    Tas Whoretown

    What're you even doing on here Poiter, go fix your race car
  2. Clandestine

    Tas Whoretown

    This place has been dead for years, everything died out around 2013 in the Tasmania forum. Lots of us still owning/driving/racing skylines, but pretty much everyone has moved to facebook groups etc. for this kind of thing (though there is no direct replacement for what this forum offered). Pretty sad.
  3. Basically nothing happened after the stickers as pretty soon after the community went quiet, I haven't seen anyone post for a fair while. I'm back in Tasmania now though, would be great to see this kick off again!
  4. I'll let someone else comment on the east coast vs west coast, I personally haven't spent much time on the west coast since I was a kid and never really went to 'see the sights'. The sun is completely different in Tasmania, definitely bring a heap of sunscreen. I haven't been burnt once in Sydney and spend a fair amount of time in the sun, used to burn easily in Tasmania even with sunscreen, it actually has a burning feeling rather than a warm feeling when it's bad. Tasmania is great for raising kids as I said, having space and time for family is pretty great. I'm relatively close to Sydney city (3 stops on the train) and would never have pets here as it's pretty cruel with the hours we work. I don't have kids so I can't say for certain, but I'd assume if we had kids here it would just be a very different upbringing to mine (with its own set of positives and negatives) as I'm surrounded by parks, schools, heaps of small markets which have a really strong family atmosphere. There's a hell of a lot of places in Sydney I wouldn't live, and even more that I wouldn't even consider bringing up children though. We'll cross the perilous bridge when we come to it though
  5. I'm 26, was born and raised in northern Tasmania, then moved down south when I was about 13 for college, university and eventually work. I've been living in Sydney for the past year and a half, so I hopefully have some idea of where you're coming from. Tasmania is a great place to live, and a fantastic place to visit, but also has its downsides when staying long term. The main downside is jobs, wages and expense of living. I'm in IT also (Software Developer) and almost tripled my wage when I moved from Tasmania to Sydney, the work itself is infinitely more interesting and the culture cannot even be compared. Rent is higher in Sydney but petrol, electricity, food (supermarket/bought), clothes and just about anything else is cheaper. It pretty much balances out for costs, but there's a large difference in income between the two states, you're paying a premium to be in such a beautiful place. Winters in Tassie are generally pretty miserable, the temperature isn't generally a concern but the lack of daylight through mid winter is a massive cause of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seasonal_affective_disorder). If you're working a full time job you don't generally see daylight except on the weekends for a couple of weeks through the middle of winter. On the flip side, the summers are absolutely fantastic with amazingly long days and friendly BBQ's every second day. Keep in mind a lot of older houses in Tassie weren't really built with keeping heat in/out in mind, so although I live in Sydney now, I find the summers up here infinitely more bearable than the hot sweaty nights I used to have in our old place back in Tassie. Best things about Tasmania are: the people, fantastic place to raise children/grow up, the laid back attitude on the roads, the beautiful scenery, the fact you can buy a house without being in debt for 3 generations, and the driving roads. Worst things about Tasmania are: the people, launceston, short days in winter, lots of drizzle but very little rain, cost of living/wage, job satisfaction (though you could strike lucky with the last two!) As for places to visit, you can pretty safely do the entire east coast run, down to Hobart and surrounds, then back up through the central plateau and through to Devonport (assuming you're taking the boat). I would suggest late summer or early autumn, there's a lot of beautiful lookouts in Tasmania but a whole heap can be ruined by drizzling rain which is relatively frequent during the winter. If you go on any sort of hikes more than a few hours, make sure to bring gear for almost an eventuality, 4 seasons in a day is relatively frequent and you don't want to get caught out with a child in driving rain. A family friend always said he takes more gear when hiking in Tasmania than he ever did when hiking through the himalayas. Also, remember sunscreen! It may be cold but the sun burns horribly down there. Cars in Tassie are generally more expensive, but it's relatively common to do a trip to the mainland to pick one up and move it back. One major benefit is that you never have to do a pits pass unless your rego expires, and the cops are very laid back about modifications. There's a whole heap of pretty heavily modified street cars which still have full registration around Tasmania. Hopefully this small essay is remotely helpful, I'm still tossing and turning on whether or not to move back myself. Jay P.S. Although people will defend it, Launceston is a shit hole. Don't bother stopping there.
  6. I'm in! Would be good to see some of you guys there, cheap as anything! Might try to find a passenger seat somewhere...
  7. Back in Tassie for a few days, was driving the wife's laser near Kingston and got a wave from a dark grey R33 series 1. No idea who it was, anyone on here?
  8. Unfortunately I'm only down from the 12th to the 18th
  9. Hey guys, I'm back in tassie for a while from Thursday next week. Will be heading to the track next weekend (hoping for both days, but likely will only get enough time for one). Anyone keen to come out for a spin? Jay
  10. Just a heads up as some people seemed interested in heading out, I'm all set to go for a track day this Sunday (28th July). Would be good to see some of you guys there Hopefully it doesn't rain too much.. I still don't have windscreen wiper arms!
  11. That's why I ended up going for one of Az's trailers, not much more than a stock standard POS trailer, but 10x better by far. We saw a number of wooden based trailers which were still a fortune, and basically useless and horrible for what we wanted. At least the resale value should still be pretty high
  12. I'll be down in tassie on the 27th-28th of July and should be at the track on the 28th if anyone else is keen
  13. I still want an evo as bad as ever, I can understand where you're coming from. At least track her a few times and get back into it before you consider the big sell at all
  14. It will be a sad day when she sells mate, hopefully someone on here buys it. Pity you're packing it in, was hoping to see you in NSW for World Time Attack this year.. If I hadn't just spent a fortune getting mine up and running I would be interested for sure. Should be lots of interest, very nicely built car, good luck with the sale
  15. As Peter mentioned, I got out to the track finally on Friday! I was initially just going to hire a trailer, but I went looking for car trailers with the parents as the car is stored at their place they want to be able to move it easily. They've been looking for a couple of months, and they're ridiculously expensive second hand, seems everyone is selling a crappy wooden base trailer capable of carrying a small chicken for 3k+. Though they were a bit pricier, we ended up having a look at the AzCustom trailers, and dropped in a deposit the same day we saw it. The trailer has the new tie downs over the front wheels, and the normal awesomeness of these trailers being super low, massively long ramps and electric brakes. The extra cash was definitely worth it, the car drives straight on, you can easily open the doors, and with the new tie downs it's loaded in about a minute. Awesome work by AzCustom, and a big thanks to Tas Mobile Mechanics for not only wiring it all up (in the cold, and in the rain) but also fixing the wiring in the tow car so the electric brakes actually work! Getting the new tyres fitted on the sexy beast We noticed pretty quickly that though the brakes work well, without the weight of a car on it the front wheels of the trailer are actually off the ground, so the brakes don't work at all We have bought a dropped tow bar for the Pajero now, but it was obviously built for lower cars to tow it. When the car is on the back of the trailer it all levels out nicely, and the trailer towed really nicely, even up my parents ridiculously steep driveway which had basically turned to mud with the rain. We have a few modifications we want to make to the trailer, will keep you posted as we get them underway. Once we got the new tyres fitted, we took it back to dads workshop and got a few last things fitted up. New GPS lap timer fitted up - this didn't take long but it's f**king awesome All loaded up and ready to go to the track. It was great to finally get back to the track, it had been over a year since I was last there and I was pretty rusty. After a quick warm up and a chat with Des (in which there was a slightly strong suggestion that going off the track was a f**king terribly bad idea) I got straight out there to get used to the new car. The car sounds f**king amazing under boost, power comes on nice and smooth, and it brakes like a motherf**ker. Unfortunately it was raining on and off, almost dried up a few times but didn't get more than a small path to play with for a few minutes, but it was awesome all the same. Up the back hill there was no traction in 3rd or 4th if I wasn't careful with the throttle, and even with me feathering the throttle down the back straight in the rain it added a solid 30km over the top speed I ever reached in my R33 in the dry. By the way, thanks to Bushy for the lend of the wipers! I would have been stuck in the pits most of the day if I didn't have them, and they're an absolute bitch to find at short notice. I had a bit of trouble with turn in on this first run, with the car understeering in the wet toward the outer edges of the track, but I get the feeling if I was a bit more liberal with the go pedal this probably would have sorted itself out. This was basically a testing day so I went pretty easy, I didn't really want to change the setup until we get it in the dry where I feel a bit more confident about tyre temperature and pressures to start with. I definitely felt that the only thing letting the car down was me worrying about sliding off the track on the first day, a bit more confidence and track time and this car should be able to do some damned good things. The GPS lap timer turned out to be an awesome investment, the splits were handy even though I wasn't going for an overall time, and I have top speeds, speed traps and lines through the corners for the day to review later. Very impressed. Worth checking out at http://racechrono.com.au/ All in all, a very successful day Nothing broke! I have some video but haven't uploaded it anywhere yet, I'll get onto that over the next few days.
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