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    Ma Car
  2. All fixed, was oen of the two cam positioning sensors (same as crank angle sensor??). runs MUCH better now
  3. http://forums.nicoclub.com/zerothread/277728 my exact problem! but no resolution it would seem aprat from take it to the dealer
  4. It happened to me again last night, driving and lost power, to the point where it almost died but i pulled over and it keep idling quite happily. however this time after i turned off the ignition and restarted the engine (took a while to turn over) i had an engine check light on, and the VDC off and SLIP lights were on, even though i had not turned VDC off. Pressing the button made no difference, almost as though the onboard computer had disabled VDC for some reason. I managed to get back home ok, then this morning started the car and the VDC had returned to normal, but the engine check light remains.......
  5. Ive booked it into the nissan dealer here in christchurch, nz so hopefully they can get the right diagnositcs out of it. Will let you know what it costs, thankfully i have mechanical insurance!
  6. today whilst idling the car on a slight lateral angle , the car just died and engine turned off. wouldnt start again intially but after a 1min or so it turned over again and started. about 3 mins later when slowing down to park again the engine cut out again just before parking. This time i got the japanese oboard computer lady announce something that sounded important! Any ideas?
  7. Hi Andy, hope you had a good trip. any word from auto sound? itching to be the first nz'er to get this done
  8. Hi garry nice to see a fellow nzer on here:) i have the stock optional spoiler which suits nicely
  9. Oh ok, no real drama just wondering where NZ was at time wise. Is he bring back parts from the US ? tell him to grab me a JWT pop charger and z tube kit. !!
  10. Hey guys just wondering where we are at with the new zealand/ christchurch installer. i spoke to the guy at auto sound and he said you had made contact but didnt have any other details.... like time and price:)
  11. This has probably been covered before, but could not find in the FAQ. What is the best solution for converting jap buttons to english. is there a replacement kit available? if so from where and how much? and pics?
  12. sweet, thanks for organising that. did you speak to Pat? I will go see him saturday morning and get it done:) how much $$ is he charging?
  13. any progress on an nz installers specifically in Christchurch? recieve my new 350gt on friday and im anxious to get this done:)
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