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  1. Just checked. The last message I have is from May. you can maybe send again or email me at [email protected]
  2. Before I say I will buy it, how much trouble will it be to ship this back to Japan? haha. I WILL buy one, just a matter of from whom and when. If you are able to provide an estimate (weight and size of a box it would come in to Naha, Okinawa, Japan, i would be grateful. I promise not to draw on it with Sharpies also
  3. Front detail shows some chipping and such. And yes I know I need to get some Xenon Headlamps!!!!
  4. Moving away from f*kushima Death World
  5. 18x10.5 +15 with 285/35/18 RS3s. Needs a touch more low and my eyes still need to adjust to blue after seeing the white so long. Car is moving to Okinawa, Japan in September. So a fair bit close to you guys down under. Most likely will be repainted after arriving there.. Everything must come to an end I guess. Also going with a big single setup, 1000cc injectors.. blah blah blah.
  6. haha, yeah.. I think I am the only one! but that's okay. GTS-T style with no lip no less. it's behind the couch right now, lol.
  7. Stuck one on for a test fit! It's really close
  8. Snow all over the place here, but here is a little mock up ! 285/35/18 Hankook RS3 Tires and 18x10.5 +15 F Zero Blue TE-37s. Hope they fit.. lol
  9. The best way is to buy a Honda Civic. no one will touch it.
  10. Here's the actual set of wheels I purchased
  11. HEY, That is my real name, given at birth. f*kushima really does suck.. I missed out on Skyline week because I am just not going to drive through there. F that. I know people that go down to f*kushima and race at Ebisu Circuit.. i just scratched it off my list completely. post up the link!! It's not wearing out except on the top.. I never cleared the top because I always meant to add color first.. the sun has faded it some, but without any UV protection in the markers, it has been holding up amazingly well. I like the "Collen" thing.. It's my real name!?? ! Here is the update. Just bought some TE37 FZero Blues in 18x10.5 +15 as well as some Hankook 285/35/18s all the way around. Currently the car has been transformed into a factory stock R33 for out 2 year "JCI" or Shaken process.. I decided to keep it road registered as long as I could.! Pics to follow when I get the rims in the mail.
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