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  1. Still have this for sale..Will trade for $$$ , Bitcoin or Ethereum $850
  2. Chasing working good condition R33GTR Digital Climate Control Unit. If you have one you want to sell, let me know
  3. Chasing a stock standard Nissan fuel pump to suit R33gtr. Must be in good working order and cradle mount intact as well. Let me know what you got.
  4. Still got couple of sets of each. Price as stated or will do bit of a discount for the lot.
  5. Still couple of sets left...$450 delivered anywhere in Oz. Last chance to get em this cheap.
  6. Still got a couple of sets left, now $450 delivered
  7. Ok been going through bunch of boxes I had stored in Japan which I sent to Oz. I have 3 brand new sets each of the following Splitfire Coilpacks. These are 100% genuine brand new unused Spliftire Coilpacks. SF-DIS-001 SF-DIS-005 Cost is $450 Plus post.(around $20 or less) Can be Posted anywhere in Australia
  8. hey mate just wondering if the tomei dumps are still for sale and if they suit r34 gtr?



  9. Mate flick them an email or give them a call as sending o/seas should be no problem as they sent stuff to me in Japan before. It looks like their online shop isnt set up to do o/seas shipping. If no good I'm happy to help send to US. Try contact them first on Monday (Australia time ) and if no good let me know. II'm in Australia now)
  10. Xmas bump...still available ..get yourself some xmas goodies for your stocking. Ho bloody ho ho !
  11. SPLITFIRE COILPACKS (GENUINE) BRAND NEW I have 2 brand new sets each of the following Splitfire Coilpacks. These are 100% genuine brand new unused Spliftire Coilpacks. Bought a few sets recently whilst in Japan and this is all that's left and need them gone as wife is killing me for space and wants all my car bits and pieces gone !! SF-DIS-001 x 2 sets suits Skyline ER/HCR32/ER/ECR/ENR33/BNR32/BCNR33, Stagea WGNC34 , Laurel EC/ECC/HC/HCC33/GC/GCC34, Cefiro EA/ECA/LA/CA/A31) SF-DIS-005 x 2 sets suits Skyline ER/ECR,ENR33?BNR34, Stagea WGC/WGNC34, Laurel GC/GCC/GNC34 SF-DIS-008 x 1 set (suits Skyline ER/ENR34 , Stagea WGC/WGNC/HC34 , Laurel GC/GCC/GNC/HC35) Cost is $495 Posted anywhere in Australia.Absolute xmas bargain I'll also take Bitcoin , Ethereum other crypto for the equivalent $495 value. I'll get some pics of the DIS-008's tomorrow..
  12. Paul chuck the ad on the Pommy site. With them buying in pounds to the aussies peso you might get more sniffs. Freight to Europe easy to sort but import tax to UK would rip anew orifice. Worth a go as going to be one of those slow sells as unique piece of equipment and will only suit a refined buyer or drug dealer.
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