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Found 15 results

  1. For sale is a lot of NEW and used RB26 and GTR parts that need to go. Got way too much stuff and don't have the space. Photos will be updated regularly (and tell me if I've forgotten to upload something). All used parts in near new condition with less than 1000km of use as I keep changing direction on builds. Contact to arrange postage as I am in Alice Springs, NT. All prices negotiable to some degree so make me an offer ! 2nd set of NEW genuine Nissan 31 tooth spline rear diff half shafts (Suit Quaife or OS Giken rear diff upgrade for pre 94 R32 GTR which is 30t standard) - $900 - Almost impossible to obtain now. Will be the last set ever I obtain. NEW genuine Nissan 31 tooth spline rear diff half shafts (Suit Quaife or OS Giken rear diff upgrade for pre 94 R32 GTR which is 30t standard) - $900 - Almost impossible to obtain now - SOLD Modified R32/R33 transfer case. 10 clutch plate (standard is 7 plate) Racepace / Midori Sebei / AGY style upgrade. Fully rebulit back to factory 0.2 - 0.5mm clutch pack clearances when clutch pack was modified (new retaining pressure plates, clutch plates, oil pump o-rings, strainer filter, ect). - $1500 ono Nitto 2.8 billet 4340 steel full counter stroker crankshaft - 77.7mm. Not used since regrind to mains (10thou) -0.25mm and big ends (20thou) -0.50mm. Rebalanced, crack tested, checked for straightness and journal hardness by Rick Corbett Engineering in Adelaide 19th. November 2018 - $3300 ono (worth $5600 new + $500 machine work.) Trust / Quaife 3F1 6 speed H pattern straight cut dog box with freshly modified 10-plate transfer case. $8300 ono NEW Skyline BCNR33 GTR and ECR33 GTS25t heater blend air mix actuator 27732-15U01 (one of the two causes of that stupid R33 aircon fan clicking sound common fault) - $220 OS Giken OS-88 direct shifter with gearknob - (shifter only, no retaining rings) - $100 Tomei rb26 type B valve springs with retainers. Done about 1000km - $450 SARD / DENSO 1000cc injectors. Done about 1000km - $600 USED R32 GTR ROSS TUFFBOND METAL JACKET HARMONIC BALANCER - $550 Like new. Done 1000km - SOLD Race clutch by Jim berry full monty 4000lb 5 puck push style race clutch. Comes with push release bearing and correct 16mm bearing carrier- $1400 $1300 (Slightly used - has less than 0.5mm wear) - SOLD 2 x R32/R33 GTR splitfire coilpack sets SF-DIS-001- $300 each - SOLD TRUST / Greddy RB26 R32 / R33 GTR extended sump with pickup and baffle. Ready to bolt on - $800 - SOLD HKS DLI twin power with R32/R33 GTR plug in harness 43001-AK001- $450 now discontinued - SOLD Forged CP pistons 86.5mm with used rings less than 500km - $600 - SOLD Crower I-beam billet steel conrods - $1000 used but almost like new (Cost me $2200) - SOLD RB starter motor from R32 GTR - $150 (new ones are $700) - SOLD Nitto 86.5mm 2.8l stroker pistons - $1000 used but almost like new (must be used with Nitto 2.8 crank as piston pin height is different to standard) - SOLD Nitto 121.5mm billet steel I-beam conrods - $950 used but almost like new - SOLD Nitto oil pump - $1000 used but like new - SOLD Apexi Power FC boost control kit - 3 pin 415-A001- $350 (suits R32/R33/R34 GTR, early S14, R33 GTS25t Skyline) - SOLD Apexi D-Jetro Power FC with new type EL type hand controller 414BN035 - $1250 includes 2 x APEXi (Denso) 3 bar MAP Sensors (499-X001) 1 x MAP Sensor Harness (415-XA04) - SOLD R32 GTR R200 30 tooth spline rear diff half shaft pair - $400 (used in Nismo GT diffs) - SOLD BARELY USED R33/R34 GTR RB26 genuine long nose crank fully balanced - $1200 used but almost like new. Has had $500 of machine balancing for high RPM - REPORT AVAILABLE (Just crank new is $1900 rrp) - $1250 - SOLD R33 GTR converted to push type gearbox rebuilt with replaced synchros - $1450 Not used since rebuild. Still in shed not fitted. Fitted with R32 transfer case. - SOLD 4 x R32 GTR 16 x 8 wheels with 255/50 Mickey Thompson ET street drag radials. - $900 - SOLD R32 GTR mechanical LSD rear diff centre. Suit 30 tooth spline - $195 - SOLD R32 GTR rear diff cover (89 - 92 early type - finned) - $120 - SOLD Used HKS purple alloy oil filler cap - $30 - SOLD NEW ARP RB26 flywheel bolts - $75 -SOLD Used R32 GTR / GTSt adjustable rear upper control arms - $60 - SOLD Used Rear R33 GTR sway bar - $90 (Good S14 or S15 upgrade) Used R33 GTR genuine rear upper control arms - bushes intact - $50 Used R32 GTR genuine rear upper control arms - bushes intact - $50 NEW R33 GTR / GTS25T STS Performance (made in UK) 3 ply silicone lower radiator hose in RED from GCG turbos (not chinese ebay crap) - $45 R32 GTR interior clock - DOESN"T WORK for parts only - $50 (they are $300+ new and you can get these fixed for $50 - $100. resistors under LCD need replacing) NEW genuine NISMO 1.3 bar radiator cap - $50 - SOLD Used Nismo 65deg C low temp thermostat - $40 suits all RBs - SOLD R33 GTR standard ECU - $150 Used R32 GTR front diff centre - $110 Used R33 GTR front diff centre - $120 Used RB26 lower front belt timing cover - $50 (worth $100 new) Used RB26 crankshaft lower timing belt gear - $70 (worth $170 new) 2 X New RB26 genuine NIssan head gasket 11044-05U16 - $90 each (rrp $130) NEW TOMEI 1.5MM BLOCK RESTRICTOR - $10 - SOLD NEW R32 / R33 SKYLINE AND GTR GEARBOX SHIFTER LOWER BOOT 74967-05U00 - $50 (rrp $70) NEW NISSAN 14mm PUSH CLUTCH RELEASE BEARING SLEEVE / CARRIER 30501-N1604 (rrp $50) used on a lot of multi plate clutches. CARRIER ONLY (suits most multi plate clutches out there eg. Exedy Hyper Twin ) - $40 Used 18mm push clutch release bearing carrier and release bearing 30501-S0260 / 30501-S0200 (used on standard R32 GTR, OS GIKEN R4C, TS3B clutch and other multi plate clutches) - $50 Used 26mm push clutch release bearing carrier and release bearing 30501-K0510 (used on OS GIKEN R3C and R3B clutch and other multi plate clutches) - $50 OS GIKEN 5 speed transmission. Uprated 24t OS input shaft. New Updated R33 GTR series 3 synchros and selector forks. Push type clutch release. R32/R33 GT-R transfer case. Business only addresses only- $6000 - ON HOLD Will list more as I get the time. Contact Ben on 0401 779 905 OS GIKEN 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION WITH R32 GTR TRANSFER CASE R32 GTR REAR MECHANICAL LSD DIFF CENTRE - 30 TOOTH SPLINE R32 / R33 GTR FRONT OPEN DIFF CENTRE RB26 86.5MM CP FORGED ALUMINIUM PISTON SET RB26 CROWER BILLET STEEL I BEAM CONRODS WITH CROWER ROD BOLTS NITTO / JE FORGED ALUMINIUM 2.8L 86.5MM PISTON KIT RB26 LOWER TIMING BELT COVER NITTO RB26 BILLET STEEL I BEAM CONRODS WITH ARP 2000 ROD BOLTS RB26 GTR LONG NOSE FULLY BALANCED CRANKSHAFT R33 GTR 5 SPEED TRANSMISSION - FULLY RECONDITIONED R32 GTR REAR UPPER CONTROL ARMS - GENUINE STANDARD R33 GTR AND GTS25T HEATER MIXER - BRAND NEW. FIX THAT STUPID CLICKING SOUND IN YOUR R33. R33 GTR REAR UPPER CONTROL ARMS - GENUINE STANDARD NISSAN NEW R32 / R33 SKYLINE AND GTR GEARBOX SHIFTER LOWER BOOT NEW NISSAN 14MM PUSH CLUTCH RELEASE BEARING SLEEVE NITTO 77.7MM 2.8 BILLET FULL COUNTER STROKER CRANK - FRESH FROM MACHINE SHOP OS Giken OS-88 solid direct shifter Ross tuffbond metal jacket harmonic balancer / damper Jim berry race clutch
  2. N155@N

    Hi SAU, Looking to buy a healthy R34 GTR Getrag 6 gearbox. It's going into an R33 GTR, so if you have any of the conversion pieces (diffs, drive shafts, mounts, etc.) i'll also be interested in those. Please contact me here. Thanks, Josh
  3. I’m curious that no one has developed a drop-in 6 Speed synchro gearset for the standard R32 & R33 gearbox. I would imagine that there is a market for strong street gearbox with the Getrag ratios and maybe the Carbon Fibre syncros that are now available. PAR used to do a straight cut dog 6-speed gearset but no longer offer this product. Im interested if there are reasons it hasn’t been done before wether it’s space related or something I’m ignorant of. Seeing so many Getrag conversions are in 32’s and 33’s these days I would see a drop in gearset as being and attractive option to keep the modifications to minimum. Happy to hear all thoughts in this one. Cheers.
  4. So I have a V160 with about 8000 miles on it and Im just curious if anyone has used the center section of a V160 with a R34 bellhousing and input shaft to use in a rear wheel drive configuration. If its too difficult or too hard to find the R34 parts I might just sell the V160 and use the cash to put into my R32.
  5. Hi guys, I have up for grabs my OS Giken OS88 6 Speed sequential gearbox. This was originally purchased in October 2014 and received June 2015 after an 8 month wait from OS Giken. This is the updated version with the extended sump on it. I optioned this up with "option 2" gear ratio's. (This is an extra $1,000 option over the standard box price). This has the shortest 1st and the tallest 6th (6th same as the factory R32/R33 GTR 5th speed) so it's not spinning higher than it needs to be on the freeway. The ratios are; Option 2: 2.890, 1.981, 1.468, 1.174, 1.000, 0.757. I have also upgraded the gear position sensor to a Novotechnik Item as shown in the photo's below. This does away with the OSG 'switch style' sensor. The box has done no more than 350 km's on the street and a full flex tune on the dyno, so it's as good as brand new. Motul 75W-140 fully synthetic oil was used. That was the product recommended by Award Diff and Gearbox. It will not be driven again apart from the 15-20 odd Km's to where it will be removed. Whats included? - OS-88 6 speed sequential gearbox - Option 2 ratio's. - OS-88 transmission crossmember for BNR32/BCNR33 - Novotechnik gear position sensor - OS-88 Adjustable release fork kit - OS-88 direct shifter kit (bent style) - Release bearing - Gear indicator The gearbox is currently in the car and will be removed within the next couple weeks. I will be happy to take someone for a demonstration drive, HOWEVER, not without a $2,000 deposit. If you're interested in the gearbox you will (well should) know what they're about. The transfer case in those photo's is NOT included. I need that! Apart from the clutch (I used the OS Giken R3C) this is a whole and true bolt in package. Location is Georges Hall, Sydney. I will post at buyers expense. Contact me VIA PM. Price is $16,000
  6. 2003 Nissan Skyline Coupe 6 Speed Premium Pristine condition 2003 Nissan Skyline 350GT 6 Speed Premium ONE OWNER vehicle privately bought at Japanese dealership and imported through J-Spec. Exterior is spotless with no marks or scratches. Interior is in great condition. Underbody has no fluid leaks or rust. All electrics are in perfect working condition. Very well maintained with regular Mobil oil changes at 7-9k kilometers intervals. The car is completely stock with no mods apart from JASMA muffler, Razo pedals and a shift knob. Available for inspection in Sydney at the moment. $16900 Contact Igor at 0411874909 or
  7. Hey Guys, Just wondering what sort of ET's are achivable with a Getrag 6 speed. Standard equipment in my R34 GTR, running the 3.5 ish diff ratio. I ran 11.2 @ 129 at WB, then backed it up with a 130mph pass Be curious to find out what other people have done. in the 34's, moded into earlier models, different diff ratios etc
  8. fly-s30

    Hey everyone, as the title suggests, im looking for a s15 shifter lever and block from the 6 speed gearbox. Pm please. Cheers.
  9. ITEM: TRUST (Quaife) 6 Speed dog H-Pattern gearbox with OS Giken billet centre/sandwich plate TO FIT: RB26's CONDITION: Excellent LOCATION: Sydney. PRICE: $6,700 for the box and transfer case (ie ready to bolt in) PAYMENT & DELIVERY: Cash pick up or direct deposit; postage extra CONTACT: via PM PICS: soon Box was rebuilt by previous owner. I am currently having it checked by Award gearbox in Seven Hills before sale as it is no longer needed.
  10. Bought this motor a while ago with the intention of building up an ITB'd na engine and putting it into a stripped out R33 shell. It's been sitting in the garage now for over a year and nothing has happened and I've realised my ambition outweighed my budget and my ability so it's up for sale. I'm looking at starting an apprenticeship in the new year so the disposable income I once had will disappear for a few years. Engine has one VVEL shaft removed by previous owner who wanted to get a better idea of how it all works, VVEL stepper motors were also removed from the head for trial fitment. Had an auto box bolted up to it initially so probably had a little easier life, came out of a front cut with 3x,xxx kms, looks like new inside, very clean. No flywheel or clutch, no exhaust manifolds, no power steer pump, no aircon compressor, does have alternator all intake manifold and e-throttle bodies, injectors, fuel rail, coil packs etc, toolbox full of bits and pieces from front cut, full loom in another box, 370z fuel pump, 370z cluster is there too with stalks as well. Can have the VQ35hr heads bolted on if you don't want to go down the VVEL route and rather run conventional camshafts and have the advantage of 3.7L capacity. Brought the six speed G37 box in from the US, same as found in the 370z internally aside from one bearing apparently being a different size internally, perfect condition inside, very clean as you'd expect from a low km gearbox (4x,xxx), very nice shift and handles a lot of power. Probably the strongest box nissan has built and shifts as nicely as an rb20 box. Comes with shifter assembly, shifter, all rubber boots, hydraulic throw out bearing and lines. Speed sensor, reverse sensor etc are there as well. Chasing $3500 for the lot pickup or buyer pays freight. Located Sunshine Coast QLD. Contact on 0420 856 464 if you want to inspect.
  11. The car has been imported in Sep 2011 with the help of Ben from J-Spec. We bought it from Japanese Dealership NOT Auction. Price was Y1,395,000. 2003 Nissan Skyline 350GT 6 Speed Premium 3,500cc engine 6 speed manual Blue 52,000km(42,000km with records when bought) One owner vehicle(plus me having the car for 11 months in Australia) ABS brakes Factory option 6 airbags Active headrests Xenon headlights Traction control Stability control Dual-zone climate control TV/Navigation BOSE sound system CD stacker Steering wheel audio controls Leather interior Power seats Power mirrors 18 inch wheels(with near-New Bridgestone Potenzas) Brembo brakes Keyless entry Factory option security system Front/Rear Parking sensors Flawless exterior, except for a small scratch on the rear bumper Interior condition is good with slight wear to the leather on the driver's bolster in the usual spot Underbody is good, with no fluids leaks or rust Reason for sales: V36 on order Price $24700 located in East Malvern, 3145 0423854047 Igor
  12. The car has been purchased as a one owner car at Japanese dealership - 2003 Nissan Skyline 350GT 6 Speed Premium 3,500cc engine 6 speed manual Blue 62,000km ABS brakes Factory option 6 airbags Active headrests Xenon headlights Traction control Stability control Dual-zone climate control TV/Navigation BOSE sound system CD stacker Steering wheel audio controls Leather interior Power seats Power mirrors 18 inch wheels(with near-New Bridgestone Potenzas) Brembo brakes Keyless entry Factory option security system Rear Parking sensors Flawless exterior Interior condition has slight wear to the leather on the driver's bolster in the usual spot Underbody has no fluids leaks or rust Price $19700 located in East Malvern, 3145 0423854047
  13. Hey Selling/swapping the Z 2003 Track edition 6 speed manual Brembo brakes all round Heated seats Bose Audio Cruise control Service history and books Daily driven (190,000ks) Runs and drives great, very reliable car Has a slight exhaust leak somewhere which I plan to get fixed. Rego till June Can Supply RWC. Might swap for a car cash my way or yours. Prefer sale $13,000
  14. Modified Ford Falcon BA Ute MKII 6spd XR6 turbo It's a long shot on a skyline forum, but you never know. Up for sale is my 2004 MKII BA 6 speed, turbo ute. I am the third owner. Clean car, low kilometres (118,000km) and well looked after. I have a folder full of invoices and two sets of keys. The car, when new was purchased with a genuine Ford hard lid, Ford tray liner and tow bar package. The windows have been tinted, but aren't too dark. I purchased the car stock and have made the following upgrades (below). All work completed by performance shops and not myself. I drive the car every day from the Gold Coast to Brisbane for work, it is reliable and makes safe, street-able horse power. The exhaust has a deep note, but isn't obnoxious. Upgrades: 4 inch dump pipe with split waste gate pipe (vented in and legal) 100 cell race cat with 4 inch mid pipe Dual rear system into XFORCE rear muffler Plazmaman heavy duty valve springs Heavy duty clutch and light weight fly wheel + replacement spigot bearing PWR intercooler Bosch 1000cc injectors Walbro GSS340 fuel pump K&N panel filter (inside factory air box) Custom ECU tune (lap top based) SAAS dash pod SAAS boost and oil pressure gauge Earls turbo oil line filter I have recently replaced the following: New federal 595's all round (235/45/17) New gear box oil, diff oil and engine oil New harmonic balancer New tie rods and rack ends New throttle body gasket New centre bearing New disks and pads all round approx 6 months ago Queensland rego until 02/12/16. $13,900. Gold Coast or Brisbane. I prefer phone calls. 0407 706 760.
  15. Hey guys, Merry Christmas!! I have a r34gtr 6 speed box in good condition done under 100,000 klms, with front prop shaft, rear tail shaft and shifter. Chasing 9k ono. Feel free to ask any questions. Number is 0488664654. Cheers, Matt