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  1. will a NEO rb25det gearbox fit a r33 rb25det? and do i need to use a r33 clutch or r34 clutch...same go's with flywheel etc
  2. looking for a brand new or refurbished rb25det manual gearbox. or if some one knows where i can find one.
  3. its still a wider body than stock though...so what classifies a widebody? (not trying to sound rude)
  4. what do u need to do to the suspension besides replace the guards and a larger offset wheels?
  5. can anyone recommend some good clean wide body kits for an r33 gtst series 2? photos and links would be helpful! thanks!!
  6. blown my rb25det gearbox on my r33, have been told that an r33 gtr box will bolt straight up. and they are much cheaper to buy. is this true? what do i need to do in order to get the gearbox in. do uneed to change the slave to a different type as its a pull type clutch instead of a push? or is it a real pain in the ass to do and im better of staying with the gtst box
  7. found a door. thanks guys still looking for a gearbox either r33 gtst box or r33 gtr box.
  8. whats the drivers door like and is the drivers side guard damaged?
  9. wtb: r33 series 2 gtst 1996 : drivers door silver (in good-very good condition) : drivers side front guard in silver (in good-very good condition) : rb25det r33 manual gearbox ( either fresh rebuild or low kms) please text as im not on this site very often 0458227710 riley
  10. have an rb26 manifold and im wondering whether the ITB's and intake plenum will bolt up to an rb25det s2. is there much work to do this? or is it a waste of time?
  11. Need a new sump for a Rb25det to go into an r33 series two. As I just bought a new engine and TNT managed to put a hole in the sump with a fork lift.
  12. building a 26/30 engine and i have a complete gtr head with some components that i dont need, basically everything is available minus the head, valves, and valve covers. ill post pictures and prices later. never got injectors with the head so unfortunatly their not available as well
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