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  1. missed the boat we're having a laugh that you've been trolling this forum for 4 years now no need to be upset over the fb group - it was setup with the primary aim to organise events, road trips, cruises etc away from the prying eyes of the law feel free to join when you've made that purchase decision
  2. you can't drive that on Autumn Ring Mini mate
  3. decided to take next step with my R35 build drove back up to Willall Racing and installed their WR600 ball bearing turbos, ported + polished the intake manifold and ended up at 475awkw @ a nice safe 18psi on E85 - 425awkw on 98 ended up swapping out my 2.75" intakes for 3" with green filters, and swapped dw950s for asnu 1150cc injectors Willall modified my bell housing to get rid of the trademark R35 rattle and it's one of the best things i've done to the car noticeable difference compared to stock turbos, WR600 turbos come on harder and make 18psi right to redline - the difference on the street is far more noticeable than the dyno numbers of +50kw would suggest given power just keeps building right to redline. roll on in 2nd or 3rd is rediculous too much power for stock clutch to handle, so we installed some Dodson clutch packs, welded baskets to safe guard against higher torque loads and a few other Willall Racing misc parts to keep the trans happy and smooth once the clutches are bed'd in, ill be hitting the strip. should be good for a low 10s on 21" street tyres (now running mich ps2's) - with boost off the line and cobb v3 adjustable launch control rpm bit of a visual update to go along with the new mods - current bumper and brushed gunmetal wheel lips for my ADVs
  4. so what did you end up paying for your used R35 mate?
  5. Depending how far you want to go, you could fit them in anything
  6. my car is a 2010 premium aus delivery pic is for reference don't really have interior pics showing full seat pov other than these; this pic shows extent of wear on lower bolster
  7. Available for sale are the factory front seats out of my R35 GTR These seats are the premium version with red perforated leather trimming Electric adjustment with seat heaters No rips or tears in material, no scuffs in plastic seat base trim Available for pickup in Adelaide $900
  8. im using heavily worn 21" yokohama advan v103s which didnt have much grip when they were new lol
  9. this was the first time we went at start of the year temp was rediculous - the wait time was around 2hrs per run and we were cooking with no shade and high 30s track temp my fastest run is at the end of the vid, 10.9 with aircon on max because i was dieing by the time i got to staging
  10. that is my current state of tune - e85 @ 420 awkw that run was vdc-r lc5 @ 4000rpm irc - i have around 5 diff maps at varying launch rpms from 2500rpm to 4500rpm ive ran in auto and manual mode, auto is slightly quicker but iirc i grabbed 2nd myself on that run as it just spun too much in 1st i'd love to be able to go run after run trying diff techniques, but early this year it was just far too packed and far too hot waiting in line - i could prob get a tenth more out of these tyres by modulating the throttle in 1st, but it'd be easier just to put my stockies on the back and chase maybe 2-3 tenths i use my lc with vdc-r otherwise it's just too much wheelspin on these yokohama v103's. i will upload the lc5 vdc-off next time i go with my stock tyres as ill have a fair bit more grip
  11. this is one of my runs - pretty non-eventful though lol 10.81 on 21" yokohama street tyres with a fair bit of slip and short shift into 2nd will be going back soon in the cooler weather with my stock 20s to knock a few tenths off http://youtu.be/DQnO0Mgfvko
  12. i have the cobb catted midpipe with catless downpipes and a highflow muffler on e85 there is no black smoke natch and that is what i daily drive on but on 98 ron i still get ALOT of carbon blow out - only times i run 98 is on interstate trips, and sitting on the hwy for hours builds up alot of carbon that when i do overtake it leaves a big cloud of smoke behind cobb released some new idc tables, which Martin did try for me but it didn't work. we may need to have another go at it next time i do a tassie or interstate trip if i was daily driving on 98 i'd have to switch back to oem downpipes with cats, as the carbon clean up every wash would be annoying, not to mention getting dobbed in to epa, or stung at one of those road side epa checks cliffs - only start removing cats if you're on e85
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