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  1. sfk1au

    Just Got Married

    Hey guys thanks for all the knid words - we fly out in 9 hours, see you in a few weeks.
  2. sfk1au

    Just Got Married

    Thanks Ferni, the day was great, haven't been on the honeymoon yet will be flying out on Saturday morning.
  3. sfk1au

    Just Got Married

    Hi Guys, I got married recently and as a surprise for me, my now wife, organised 5, read that 5!! GT-R's as my wedding cars for me and my groomsmen. As you can Imagine I was absolutely blown away. The best thing was that these were no ordinary Skylines all of them had more than 350 KW at the wheels! And the one I was taken in has 500 KW at all 4 wheels at 25psi, it was almost the best thing that happened on the day, just don't let my wife hear this. Any way have a look at the photos cause all the cars looked awesome. Cheers Steve [attachmen =25971:attachment][att chment=25975:attachment]
  4. Hi, Going thru a similar process, but found nobody could do anything, basically you can wait 4 weeks for nisan to get a new standard rear shock for $181 or get a second hand one from T&H wreckers for $175 or go to pedders like I did and get a pair of theirs for $360. Good Luck
  5. Hi Guys, I need a set of rear shocks and don't want to pay $360 for them brand new from Nissan. Anyone who knows please let me know. Thanks
  6. Hi Jay, does the suspension bits include rear shock absorbers as I need a pair of road worthy ones, if yes how much. PM with price if you like. Thanks Steve
  7. Are you a hot chick or is your girlfriend/wife hot enough for these plates? If yes then pm me Price is $2500 Plates are slim line white on black
  8. Go Fast Bits Hybrid Blow Off Valve, comes with all fitting, polished alloy look. New $329 Used for 5 Months Sell $200 Steve 0412109521 or PM
  9. Sounds great, I know where the lake is but which entrance and which carpark will it be at ?
  10. sfk1au

    Is it Illegal?

    if you remove the airbag wheel you have to change your seat belt to a non airbag spec one
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