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  1. rushs

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted the same white 33 I put a card on last week... at stud park... again... at about 330pm... again. Didn't card it in case they think I'm a stalker Also spotted a grey 32 at the same place.
  2. rushs

    Spotted Thread

    Doing my bit: Popped a 'spotted' card under the windshield of a white 33 (UYY XXX) at Stud Park yesterday, about 4pm.
  3. not really rnb or slow jams... quite the opposite really but, I'm really loving anything that Pittbull's got going around atm - Culo, Toma, Ay chico, Fuego, Go girl etc... Lean like a Cholo is good for a laugh as is Yaah by souljaboy and aRab... and you can't go past a little It's tricky by Run DMC
  4. Congrats! ferni failed to even let me know there was a baby on the way... he came home from the bbq the other week and was like "Min's due soon"... I was like, 'Due for what....?"
  5. ferni's got a committee so I might be in... if I can get my car washed in time
  6. rushs

    Spotted Thread

    Doing my bit with the spotted cards again: Saturday (day) white 34 (no rear spoiler) at Waverley Gardens - Maccas/Big W undercover car park Saturday (night) black 32 personalised plates - Knox Ozone multilevel car park (level 2) Sunday (day) white 34 (no rear spoiler) Jacksons Rd, Noble Park North Sunday (night) red series 1 33 - Albert Park Pitlane car park Monday (day) grey series 2 33 - Jones Rd, Nth Dandenong
  7. what time will it wrap up at Albert Park? I'll be in the area later on in the evening with a couple of gfs and might swing by if you're still around.
  8. rushs


    '96 SII R33
  9. rushs

    Spotted Thread

    I left one of those 'SAU spotted by' cards under someone's windshield (red SII 33) at wavos when I took my mum for an eye test heh.. why not since we have a whole box to make use of
  10. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to Min and Chris on BBQ duty - I don't think I could have got closer to the BBQ if I had tried - we were soo freaking hungry Kaz, your dogs are soo cute. Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself - I was the girl in the grey singlet and jeans
  11. rushs

    Show N Shine Pics

    Thanks for the pics Sarah!
  12. rushs

    Gor Se Meet

    how long do you think the day will be? might have to play soccer finals on sunday
  13. you? I haven't even confirmed i'm coming - would be kinda wrong of me to organise the pre-meet but how about 845am Myer Mega Mart (or whatever it is now), Warrigal Rd?
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