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  1. Levorg was a bit disappointing. CVT lets it down. Snowy's red superhatch scores a mention though - that's it in the photo.
  2. Haha - sure is me I can't believe I could remember my password for this place. Ah - good times. How are you Shan, has it been 10 years yet?
  3. Was nice to see some familiar faces today - thanks for letting me run the black machine
  4. Age - bring him along. I'll write a note to get out of school. re: driving one of these vs a fast Skyline - if you have to ask then this is not something for you. I think we might be full now too. Thanks everyone for your interest. J
  5. James - full licence you say? Drop me an email - it should be OK (as that's all our insurance states...)
  6. Bec - if you come out to Broadford on the 22nd Oct, I'll get you in the Atom for some hot laps with you-know-who... Info here... http://www.godigital.com.au/emedia/octane-...ack-vic-4weeks/
  7. James - sorry mate, most of the cars are beyond the P-Plate power to weight rules. Nick - you go 2-up in each car, so you spend 50% of the time driving (ie: drive Ferrari, passenger Ferrari, drive Lambo, passenger Lambo etc) The day is based upon 10x drivers, so to run as a couple would be 2x spots. J
  8. Hi all We have a Supercar Drive Day running this Sunday 11 October. These are usually $1650 per head - but I have 4x spots left which I'd like to offer to SAU people for just $1150 per head. You get to drive the following cars on day that takes in the back of the Mornington Peninsula, Portsea for lunch and then back up around the bay. Everything is included - coffee/snacks/drinks/lunch/fuel/insurance and a goodie bag. Cars: Ferrari F430 Spider - black on cream, F1 paddle shift Lamborghini Gallardo - yellow on black, 6-speed manual Audi R8 - grey on black, R-tronic paddle/tip shift Aston Martin DB9 Volante - silver on red, 6-speed auto Lotus Exige S - orange on black, 6-speed manual You need to be over 21 and on a full licence. We run staff in the lead and chase cars and all cars have CB radios. It's a great drive and a fantastic way to spend the day! Check out the website for more info - www.supercarevents.com.au Let me know ASAP if you are interested - [email protected] Feel free to post any questions in the thread. Cheers James
  9. Geoff - I'll be there from 8am to 4pm. Sessions run all day
  10. Hi all Last chance booking today! I'm heading up to Brisbane now to get everything set up, so forward any questions or bookings to Crystal on [email protected] To answer some of the more common questions I've been getting... 1. you need to be over 16 to be a passenger and over 18 to be a driver 2. the number of laps of QR will depend on each driver but your session in the car is about 15 mins (so approx 8-10 laps) 3. we are running the FULL circuit at QR (not the Clubman short track) 4. all cars are standard, there are no speed or rev limiters other than what comes from the factory 5. the GTR is a Japanese import version with a COBB ECU tune 6. the Ferrari has an F1 transmission, the GTR has a dual-clutch paddle system, everything else is a 6-speed manual It looks like it will be a great day - even the weather seems to be coming to the party! NOTE that this is your LAST CHANCE to do this in Queensland for 2009. So don't miss out! See you at the track! James
  11. Super Martini Racing Lada Niva! Lots of cool extra Lada stuff - in Melbourne Click for CarSales link Listed at $4500, but all reasonable cash offers considered. James
  12. Hi all My name is James (ex SAU Vic President etc), and I run national operations and event logistics for The Supercar Club. OCTANE Supercar Events is a new product from The Supercar Club. At our track days you can ride in or drive one of our European Supercars at racetracks around Australia. We recently ran a day at Eastern Creek, and this coming Friday 10 July will be at 'Willowbank' Queensland Raceway in Ipswich. www.supercarevents.com.au The event is similar to the V8 Race experiences where you can buy a voucher to drive one of the cars. The instructor takes you for a few laps then you change places and you get to drive the car at speed on the track. At QR you'll be doing 8-10 laps. The cars are not modified in any way - they are real supercars. Cars are: Lotus Exige S, Aston Martin Vantage, Porsche 997 GT3, Audi R8, Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, Lamborghini Gallardo and as a special offer to QLD car club and forum members (it is not listed on the website)... an R35 GTR! There are also hot-lap rides in the Ariel Atom, driven by a certain driver in a white race suit... Prices range from just $199 (for the Atom) I'd love to see some of you there! I'm happy to answer any questions in the thread or by email - [email protected] Places are limited (I know the GTR is filling up fast) so to book - call Crystal on 1300 798 900 or email her on [email protected] More info on the website - www.supercarevents.com.au Cheers James BTW: mods please let me know if there is any issue with this post, being a commercial business and all. Just wanted to let people know it was on.
  13. We had a drive day today - but no Maserati. Would have been black Ferrari, yellow Lamborghini, orange Lotus, grey Aston Martin, grey R8, grey E63 and black RS4
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