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  1. I'm Australian but I am based in Germany. I would have logistics in Aus handled by a friend or relative. I didn't really factor in the current situation much as I would have thought any companies that can still operate would be. But making the point that commercial airlines aren't running makes sense. It is also a good point that the Aus UK route is much more common than to continental Europe which would also explain the cheaper quote direct to the UK. Thanks both for your input. As the delivery is not urgent, I will wait to see if prices drop when the world recovers. I just wanted to ensure there wasn't something I was missing regarding getting a good quote. Cheers, John
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to send a big package overseas to a mate in Belgium. By big I mean 70kg, 107x99x27cm (a camping box for his Patrol). So far the best direct transit quote I have is about $1100. I would accept that this is what it costs except a UK comparison site has quoted 300 GBP (approx. $600) to the UK, then another 100 GBP to Belgium. They won't do direct to Belgium, I guess because as a British company some part of the transit needs to be British. Based on this UK quote, I am surprised I can't find anything from the Aus companies direct to Belgium that is a bit closer to $600. Anyone have any suggestions? I had a search both in Google and here with no avail. Regards, John
  3. In case anyone has the same query I had, I used Japan Car History Check. I got friendly service and a quick turnaround so I would certainly recommend. https://japancarhistorycheck.com/
  4. Hi all, Bumping an old thread because I have the exact same topic. I did search and couldn't find anything more appropriate/recent. I am after the Japanese papers of my car and have enquired with Japanese History Check twice within the past 2 months, with no response. I see that sometimes these businesses are threatened, so I can only assume that JHC is no longer operating. However I am still after this info for my car. Does anyone recommend other companies doing the same thing? I see some on Google but want to know if anyone has personal experience before I pay blindly. Cheers, John
  5. Hi All, I am after a pair of R34 headlights. If you have a pair you want to get rid of, please message me. Regards, John
  6. Hi All, For sale I have the following; - HKS SQV3 with hardpiping: $200 - Various OEM parts from the BOV system. What I have is pictured and coloured red in the schematics: $150 for all. - Intercooler piping, again pictured and coloured red: $50 for both. - Mystery pipe. Not sure specifically where this lives so don't want to sell it as something it isn't. This is notated by the red question mark in the photo. If any good Samaritans would like to kindly identify it for me it would be most appreciated. $25. All parts are used but still good. Located Sydney north shore. Pickup preferred but will post at buyers expense. Initial contact through messaging please. Cheers, John
  7. That looks like just what I need - I'll hit them up. Cheers for that.
  8. Hi All, I am in the process of getting my 34R ready to ship over to the UK and one bit of info I require for importing is the date of first registration when new i.e. Japan. Now I know auction sheets have the date, but I am unsure whether they have the year too. I have asked the importer regarding the auction sheet but they are unresponsive at this stage. Is there another way I can get the date of first registration e.g. an online database? Or is the auction sheet my only option? I have searched with no avail, so if this already topic already exists, please forgive me. Cheers SAU. John
  9. Perfect, thank you Terry for your confirmation. And cheers Hadouken for the link. All sorted now.
  10. Hi Terry, Thank you for your prompt response. I think however I did not convey my question properly. My actual query is; 22690-24U00 vs 22690-24U02 (both OEM front; later significantly cheaper) 22690-24U01 vs 22690-24U03 (both OEM rear; later significantly cheaper) Are these parts interchangeable? Which part numbers are you fitting to your N1? (if 34 that is) Cheers, John
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