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  1. Hey guys, i'm in the market for a new car and just wondering if anybody can explain the difference in all the types of paint, ie: non-metallic, metallic, mica, pearlescent. Obviously the metallic has metal bits in it and makes it more shiny, but i'm more interested in the properties of each.... Does one type have greater longevity? In terms of resistance to fade; resistane to scratch? etc...... Have done internet search, but cant find anything that answers my questions....
  2. Hey guys, just wondering if placement of the rear strut is gonna inhibit access to the battery and all that stuff behind to any significant extent? Cos if so, is the inconvenience worth the gain? And just wondering if anyone had any experience with just placing the front strut bar without the rear one...... would that give the car some kinda unpredictable oversteer???
  3. Hey good stuff Niz, sounds like u got urself a pretty snazzy plan going there. Cant wait to see it all in action! I'm guessing......... back to chasing silvias with a vengence? haha!
  4. Check the turbo status?? cos sounds like exactly what happened to mine.... turbo died.
  5. Wow! that's awesome work dude! So where did u put the batt and hicas and all that stuff? ie: how u manage to get enough space for the enclosure and all that other stuff round?? Been wanting to do exactly what u did for a while but had no idea how to do it??
  6. To be honest, the foam thing is really a waste of time. I did that to my boot and hardly noticed any difference - i guess you could if you really listen out for it. The panels stopped rattling as much, but still rattled. The foam i used was acoustic foam, as in the stuff you find in recording studios cos picked it up real cheap. Dynamat extreme is worth its weight in gold. Haven't used any other brands so can't really compare. Anyhowz, did that to the doors and the improvement was phenomenal. Gotta try it to really know though. And the doors now make that mercedes sound when they close which is pretty kewl. I wouldn't put any foam in the doors if you plan on keeping ur car for a while - yes they will hold water, yes they will then weigh ur car down, yes bacteria will grow in there after a while, and yes it will stink! Plus foam will absorb sound, but doesn't particularly change the resonant frequency of panels (which is the advantage to the stuff you stick on), so wont do much to stop rattling (although it will help).
  7. i'm assuming they were stock cos they barely made anything youd consider as music. But they were 15w clarions that looked like a squashed toilet roll.
  8. yeah, I agree with the predator. Its no good getting a lot of bits n pieces if your not gonna get quality components cos all you'll end up doing is complicating the signal path which increases distortion. If you look at it another way: say if you had an awesome sub but a crappy amp, all the sub will do is let you hear the crappy signal from the amp clearly. Stay simple and get good bits, that way you can always add to what you've got, and not suddenly decide that what you have is crap once you get something better. A really good 4 speaker or even 2 speaker config if its set up right will destroy some of the no name budget sub n amp packages. Actually, if audio is not ur priority you might want to consider some 6x9s and ditch the sub idea. True 6x9s aren't good for clarity, and most audiophiles would stay completely clear of those, but they are a good compromise for base. Think of it this way: the oblong shape stuffs up the clarity, but each one has approx surface area of an 8 inch sub - hence good for bass, not clarity. Would probably be ok if u had nice splits (ive never tried/heard this before though). At least you'll save on weight and space. But to get to the full potential of good 6x9s you'd need to run them off an amp though. The head unit will probably underpower them. But then again, in audio it all depends on how deep you wanna go into it and how picky your ears are. ie: no point getting $800 splits if you cant hear the difference between $400 splits - some ppl can, some cant. Do what sounds good to you. Hope that helps. btw, when ur testing out spkrs on a demo wall, listen out for differences between spkrs on the same setup, same song cos they will inevitably sound completely different when installed in ur car.
  9. yeah, i'd be inclined to ditch the 6x9s like nugget said. 6x9s are only useful for bass when u dont have a sub, but when ur looking for a bit more clarity its time for them to go. Plus if ur running them off ur head unit, they're probably underpowered which doesn't help.
  10. yeah, good job. Looks like u got urself a pretty good system too. Musthave taken ages
  11. you wont have problems running the sub, but its certainly underpowered. Whether or not u'll notice it depends on how picky u n ur ears are. If you want spl, its really fallen short; if u want sq you'll probably be happy for a while but u may find it a bit muddy after a while (or maybe not, depends on how picky u are); or u may be completely happy with the sound...... yes yes, very vague but hope it gives u an idea, cos i kinda had the same thing happening. I eventually had to/am going to change to a more powerful amp
  12. I take mine to Precision Autocare in willeton. Good honest guys that really looks after u n know their stuff too. Good price too.
  13. Hey, looks like you got urself a nice lil setup. Congrats! The bass would be pretty impressive. (I'd get rid of that kicker sticker though, dont wanna advertise ur gear round too much in that sense - especially since its not that hard to get into). Just wondering how you find the sonys against the rest of ur system?
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