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  1. Can u give me some specs on the auto box. Iam collecting bits for a 25/30
  2. Nice man. It would be good to see how the auto lasts
  3. Nice, Iam interested to see how the 4 speed goes behind a 26/30, I want to do a simular setup in mine
  4. I would do the 50 50 but one of the wires so the power feed
  5. I got them hooked up it's the display that goes on dash. The cable that comes of that and plugs into the control box. It's pulled to wires out. If u have one and u take a pic of colours on plug or write them down.
  6. I was installing a blitz I-color boost controller in my r33 when 2 wires have come out of the plug in the display harness. Does anyone know or can post a pic of the wiring color codes on the display plug going into controller Cheers
  7. Got mine in the mail today and the car drives a lot better i have r33 s1 auto. I set to 10psi boost comes on earlier and a lot smoother I would recommend them.
  8. awsome will be there. I be the one with the completely stock looking r33 and standing like an outsider lol
  9. Hi Guys I have been here a while but never really gone to anything or posted but now i own a skyline and would be interested in coming up and meeting a few people and see what this is all about if thats ok Cheers Dave
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