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  1. Hi StevenCJR31 I dont know any auto electricians, hence why i asked on here about it. If you can suggest any that may be interested in helping me out, would be much appreciated. : ) Chloe
  2. Hi Steve, I will have to look when i get into my car after work, its still in the back of my car. it was completely cut out, all the wires were cut and they didnt tell me, i notcied it on my back seat when i was half way home so went back and they said they wouldnt be able to install it because 'its legal to have turbo timers' i thought that was bs i have seen a lot of my friends with turbo timers Thanks for the advice tho Chloe
  3. Hi, I have no idea where to go in Perth to get my turbo timer put back in. i had an immobilizer installed for licencing reasons and the gentlemen who put in the immobilizer disconnected my turbo timer without telling me. i need it back in asap as its my first turbo car i have no idea where to take it. Can anyone suggest somewhere that will do a good job and not cost me my whole paycheck?
  4. Hey there is a car cruize this weekend , Its OZ FOZ , Subaru forest cruize but "Headcase car club" on facebook a community I joined are attending, Might be worth joining up as they do mid week cruizes as aposed to weekender ones. $10 charity cruize for Japan. 4:30 - 7:30pm this Sunday if you were keen :)

  5. Thanks to all you guys for making me welcome I do have a little problem maybe someone can help me... I need to get insurance for my car but dont exactly know which one is the best to get?
  6. That wouldnt have been me only went shopping for a skyline, some car dealers can be mean one told me to have a look at a getz they are fast cars for girls Thanks
  7. There are no restrictions for p platers except for obviously drink driving. Welcome to SAU
  8. Cool let her know she is more then welcome to join
  9. Its for wrx's, skyline's, and any other girls who want to go for a cruise
  10. Hi Victor, let her know to come along....we are trying to get the girls interested first then set dates etc
  11. haha i will check with the WRX girls about that
  12. Welcome Ella : ) Which state are you from?
  13. Hi, Im looking for any girls in WA who would be interested in having a cruise with the girls from the WRX club. I think it will be some time in April or May so not too far away. Thanks Chloe
  14. Hi Thanks : )

    Yea we shall i have a friend who owns a WRX she would be keen in joining the cruise :)

    let us know on here when you are organising the next one

  15. Hey nice 34 :) you and your boyfriend should meet me in Joondalup for a cruize with some of my mates sometime :) We have 180sx , Ae86 , EvoVIII , SS sedan , R34 GTT sedan in our close friends. We usually do coastal drives or Quins rock cruizes or we attend the usual Perth scene cruizes :)

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