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    R33 GTST

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  1. Looking for a pair of R33 gtst mspec side skirts. Colour doesn’t matter and doesn’t even have to be the same colour as each other. Happy to consider all conditions.
  2. Looks great! Well done, the side pipe is ace. Keen to hear it at full boost.
  3. Hey Mate, Interested in the exhaust, could you PM me some more pics? Where are you located in Melbourne? Thanks mate,
  4. Hey Mate, Do you still have the AFM available? How much to post it to 3043 (Tullamarine)? Cheers
  5. Hi Mate, Do you have the side skirts available? If so what condition are they in and how much would you be looking for?
  6. Are the side skirts still available? Any chance of a pic? Cheers
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