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  1. I have an unused Cometic RB25 MLS (Multi Layer Steel) head gasket. Bought it for my engine build but ended up needing a thicker one. 87mm bore x 1.2mm thickness or .51 thou It has been opened but is completely unused. Located in Ryde, Sydney but happy to post. $150
  2. megzz

    Oil Temp On Track

    I'm surprised there was only 1 mention of Motul in this thread. Thought it was the RB owners favourite?!
  3. I'm after an 2wd RB25 oil pickup. Located in Ryde, Sydney
  4. Hi guys I'm after a replacement sump and oil pickup for an rb25. it can be new or used, genuine or aftermarket. I'm located in Ryde, Sydney. Thanks
  5. I have the Nissan workshop manual but it doesn't detail the oil flow /path it just shows how to assemble oil pump etc. Here's a photo of it I got this from the oil control thread its for an RB26 though How do you guys troubleshoot a blocked oil gallery - with drilling as a last resort as the block as it has already been cleaned and assembled...
  6. Hi Guys, Does anyone know where in the oil system does the VCT feed, feed oil from? i.e where does the feed tap into the rest of the system? if possible could you highlight it on a photo for me? Its hard for to now that the engine is partially built.
  7. So I drilled feed with the top of the block facing down (I used a bit smaller than the hole size so it didn't cut any metal) and some oil dried up like jelly came out. The feed seems free now and I can get a pick in there but compressed air still doesn't come out of the feed. I've tried blow air through various spots including both oil filter ports and the oil pump port but i get nothing from the front VCT feed!
  8. Yeah I think that's my only option. Any idea why its a check valve? The others aren't...
  9. Hey guys its definitely blocked. any ideas??
  10. Thanks pal, that makes complete sense!
  11. I'm in the process of rebuilding my 25. Just looking at my VCT oil feed, I stuck a pick into it and it only went in a max of 2mm deep. Is this normal, does the oil feed straight up into the gallery from the bottom of the block or does it 45deg into it? Hopefully this makes sense, I want to make its not blocked because VCT wasn't working when the motor was last running.
  12. megzz

    Cp Rings

    I cut a bit too much meet off one of my 2nd (scraper) ring so I am only really after the one ring to suit CP pistons with 86.5mm bore (3.406) Let me know if you have one or if you can recommend any where that stocks them. I'm located in Ryde, Sydney, 2112 Thanks
  13. Cheers guys. I'm having a mate of mine who familiar with building engines do the gappings with me, though i just wanted to recommend him the gap sizes as he doesn't do a lot of RB's. Another question - Is measuring the bores and numbering the pistons to suit each bore still crucial with today's quality of pistons? Do Pistons vary that much size that could potentially cause issues? Well on a car that will make around 300kw's anyway? r33_racer: I've read a few of your post's and i already know what you are going to say!
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