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  1. CircusMonkey

    Ah..good thread Some quick stuff... Here are some pics from LMP in Aoyama (showroom): Nothing can beat a 966 with BBS LM also got a factory for race prep...
  2. CircusMonkey
  3. CircusMonkey

    Honda had prototypes and design studies in the early part of the 80s. Like most Japanese companies around that time, Honda, Nissan etc was spending big money without focus on profit. Btw : Are you back in Japan Justin?
  4. CircusMonkey
  5. CircusMonkey

    Nope, I only meet Richard.
  6. CircusMonkey

    Ah.... another legendery SAU meet-up.... TAS was semi-good this year. Some good stuff like the Topfuel S2000 Type RR etc, Rocky Auto Z.. Richard, we have to get some meet-up before I go back on Thursday of if anybody else are up for a meet-up my number is 080 1509 7112.
  7. CircusMonkey

    So will there be any meet\ups Friday and Saturday... Justin, Richard
  8. CircusMonkey

    Ageha is ok, depends on the night. It it located a bit out of the center of Tokyo/Shibuya and Roppongi, around 40 min by bus. As I mentioned before check out Womb and Yellow, rated on the list of top clubs in the world.
  9. CircusMonkey

    You got Womb, Unit, Module for harder stuff in Shibuya and Harlem for hip-hop/r n b. A visit to Yellow is well worth it, just for the soundsystem. Plenty of concrete holes/small clubs like Milk, Fai Aoyama, Mixrooffice, No style etc with good music and friendly staff. For Kobe/Kansai check out
  10. CircusMonkey

    Excellent. Looking forward to finally meeting you.
  11. CircusMonkey

    So where is Justin? Still moving. TAS getting close.
  12. CircusMonkey

    Get on the list: Best is to stay in central Tokyo. It is easy enough to get to Nismo, TS, etc from there. Always up for a night in Roppongi. We are going from 10 to 18 of January.
  13. CircusMonkey

    They got the Lexus LF-A coming and rumors about a detuned/smaller engine model coming. Nissan also just got one sports car.
  14. CircusMonkey

    So where are everybody staying? TAS coming up very soon.....