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  1. Hi all, I currently have a Stagea running the undesirable Hitachi 23740-0V110 ECU (S1.5 RB25DE NEO AWD AUTO) which is not compatible with a Nistune daughterboard. I also own a JECS 23710-0V800 ECU (S2 RB25DET NEO AWD MANUAL) with a Nistune daughterboard installed. Both the 23740-0V110 and 23710-0V800 feature the same grey connector. However I've seen people comment that Stagea ECU's come with different pinouts although using the same grey connector. Is anyone able to confirm that there are differences in pinouts between the ECU's, and if so, are you able to provide any information on the differences? Here's hoping that it's just nay say and my Nistune ECU will plug in without trouble.
  2. Hi all, this has probably been asked a few times, tried searching but couldn't find many results and didn't want to sit behind a screen for hours looking page after page. Are there any major differences between RB25DE and RB20DET gearboxes? I currently drive a 20det powered R32 that gives me trouble trying to change into second unless I take it real easy and I've been offered an RB25DE gearbox for free from an R33. Are the gear ratios the same and is there anything major I need to look out for? Might pay to even post some more info for other people to see! Thanks in advance.
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