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  1. Hi Has anyone built a sub box to fit around the rear strut brace, Ideally I could still fit 2 wheels in the spare wheel well and my surge tank to the right. Thanks
  2. Voltage was the same as the battery when running around 12.8. Battery was 12.3 when cold
  3. Hi I've just installed an Apexi RSM, this uses the ign power wire from the ecu as its source. The voltage reported on the RSM with the fan on 1 and headlights on, can drop down to around 12.4v and at idle around 11.8v. Is my alternator on the way out? What should the operating voltage be? around 13.8v? Going to get the multimeter out to check voltage at the battery tonight.
  4. Hi I'm working on a r32 gts auto which is now manual. I know the cable that has 2 plugs on it for the auto display and shifter. But I've come across this plug https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1574371/IMG_20160422_205430.jpg It sits close to it, so its just to the left of the clutch. It has 3x constant 12v pins on it. Does anyone know what it is, can't find a place for it anywhere. Thanks in advance
  5. Wow those look awesome, I was only looking through the narva catalogue
  6. Does anyone have pics of how they've added a fusebox and relays in the engbay. I want to tidy my setup I have at the moment. fuel pump sub amp thermo fan thermo fan 2 low beam high beam Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks figured that out about the fan pretty quick looking at the wiring. I earthed the temp switch and could hear the relay clicking, but it wouldn't fire up the fan. I put 12v direct to the fan and it spun up.
  8. Ok, tried jumping the compressor at the relay and i can hear it ticking/clicking. Tried earthing the fan off the sensor plug, but I just hear the relay click. Tried a couple of relays, same thing. I put 12v straight to the fan connector and the fan spun. Might be the beginning of electrical gremlins.
  9. Hi I've just picked up another r32 and trying to work out why the a/c isn't working. When I turn on the a/c, i don't hear the compressor kick in and if i let the temp run up to around 96 deg, the condenser fan doesn't kick in. I've checked the 2 fuses in the car, the bottom one is fine as when you pull it it stops the a/c controls. The top fuse (4th in from the left), isn't blown and if I put my multimeter on it, it reads 12v. Unsure on how I could check the relays aircon and blower fan in the fuse box in the engine bay. From my searching, I could try bridging the pressure switch to bypass it. Is it possible for me to 'jump' the compressor or the condenser fan to check if they are dead or if I'm dealing with a wiring issue. The compressor has a brown plug with 2 pins and a black plug with a single pin. Not sure which ones to bridge here The fan has what I would expect to be a 12v and a -ve, so easy to bridge. On the r32 ecu, I see there is a a/c request pin and a ac clutch pin, there is also pin 6 which is suppose to be a engine temp fan which I thought was the blower fan, but my loom doesn't even have the wire in it. So, I'm a bit confused as to how the wiring is suppose to work in the car to turn the fan on. At a guess the circuit goes something like this a/c on at the controls > ecu to turn on ac clutch > a/c fuse under dash > aircon relay under bonnet > pressure switch > a/c compressor.... Any help would be much much appreciated.
  10. Does anyone know if these fit? Can't find anything definitive with my weak search skills
  11. A quick search on sau will tell you the diff between a gtr and gts bov. I just couldn't find the answer to my particular Q about running one atmo with a map sensored ecu. So what I can gather is that it is only good if run recirc and I should look aftermarket if I want an atmo one
  12. Hi I'm so going to get killed for this, but I have searched for the last 2 hours and can't find anything definitive. With an aftermarket map ecu, so not using maf. Can I run a stock gtr bov on a gtst (as it appears to be a good upgrade) and vent it to atmo? This will save me having to have my new 3" alloy intake pipe modded to have a return to recirc it.
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