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  1. Just leaving now for the weekend but will take some better shots on my new camera and upload them for you next week.
  2. Thanks. Yes, it is rather rare this colour, have seen a few sedans this colour but only 1 other 2 door. Colour matching was a mission as it's faded over the years. Got a few minor dents etc now and will wrap it matt white to hide them and future proof it for the track...
  3. Should have it all going ithe next few weeks...
  4. Doing the budget turbo and wastegate option. Chinese 35r with .63 rear and a 44mm wastegate mounted off the top of the turbine housing. Haha, had an internal gated chinese special in there for 30 odd laps at Hampton Downs and the wastegate pivot crapped itself, took it back and he gave me another, another 30 laps and did it again. Gave me 35r and he sent all of his remaining stock of the internal style back to china. I'm a tight ass and hate brand whores, i love modifying cheap shit and making it work but the internal was beyond me....
  5. Hi all, Nathan from NZ here and have been following the forums for years and thought i should finally poke my nose in. A mechanic by trade and now working for myself. Have a 25t iv'e owned for 10 years or so and have now started to set it up for the track. Thanks to you lot i have found a fair bit of info on the forums that has been useful in the past so cheers. Couple of pictures: Nathan
  6. My 25t at Hampton Downs, Uncles club track day.
  7. Hi all, Nathan from Auckland, owned my 25t for about 10 years, pretty much lives on the track now.
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