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  1. Out of luck I went roaming in the scrap yeard to see if by any chance they have some those rare ones RB26DE and found this Engine came from Japan and was told a fresh import, Seems like series one RB25 head mated to RB30 block very rare to see that done in Japan. Major upgraded parts I can see were: Tmoei Cams and Cam gear Longtube aftermarket headers (huge not sure will fit in S30) Very neatly done wiring and hooked up on HKS Fcon along with ECU Greddy intake manifold and a bigger throttlebody Auto gearbox Couldn't check anything else but seems like a neat unit there, guy was asking 2500$ for it which is tempting and might come down a bit without intake manifold and gearbox and maybe headers. Will it be a good idea just to use this and install ITBs/Carbs on it?
  2. Hey Silhouette in which engine you were running these DE pistons? Finally just got rid of my RB25DET motor and starting this next month. For anyone below is one of the features done on my car http://www.crankandpiston.com/on-the-road/1972-datsun-s30-rb-z-al-ain-uae/ Coming to the thread and I honestly appreciate the inputs from the guys both in favor and against this, its just this project is now a powerplant project. After checking with people here for the carbs it was advised to leave it for the time being built the engine run it on ITBs (stock 26 or aftermarket) and then do carbs at later stage once engine is all done and running. Now again two options and need some option and feedback, I am sorry to ask so many questions but not that good in these technicalities Option 1 Rb26 or RB26/30 Positive points: Better engine, higher redline and comes with ITBs so less fabrication. I have mixed feedback, some guys said better just take a 26 engine and just change the piston remove the turbo and run it. Is it doable? got quotes from Nitto and JE they can make custom pistons to increase the compression to 10.5/11. Should I be looking to change anything else in the engine to convert from TT to NA? Can add a RB30 block better stroke but revving will be lower/ Option 2 Rb25DE head (neo or non neo) with RB 30 Block Positive points: Cheaper to set it up (cost 550$ for both engines), compression might be better. Only thing needed here might be aftermarket ITBs or RB26 ITBs custom fit on this. Only thing saw people going against is that it revs low and 26 head is better then 25 So whats the suggestion guys for both the options? if changing pistons and rods in option 1 can make it run fine then I am more inclined towards it
  3. So as OP posted what kind of compression it will reach Neo head and 30 block, couldn't find the answer and really bad in calculating compression I am looking around 11 for my NA setup
  4. Might be interested in the NA engine. But price seems steep. Pm me your best best price. At the moment I'm on emails with nitto to order customs pistons for the similar setup.
  5. Thanks Justin for the reply. You are right about carbs and jetting done here and running in summer I kept all this in my mind but still want to proceed with it. For the engine I want to built the engine change cams and pistons at later stage first just want it to run then take it from there. Any details how to run carbs and injectors together.
  6. Thanks, Im getting engine next week can try fitting.
  7. These should come as they usually do come with it. Lots of people buy these here in Dubai, and general perception is the ones coming from Taiwan are of really good quality then China,
  8. Thanks for the reply, this is what I want to check, I also read RB25DE has flatter piston so shaving a bit of block and then pistons can work out something. I will be using only stock parts as will built the engine down the road. Carbs for the old school feel, I can install that on stocl L series engine but a twin cam engine would be better suited. As I said earlier its not for a race car or something and I would be happy with 230-250hp but its just the sound and rawness of triple carbs on a twin cam head which is exciting. S30 is a very light car and I am running now RB25DET Neo its pretty nippy so power wont be an issue. According to what I have seen this setup which Im planning and a normal RB25DET in S30 both would be on par if taken on the track. NA will give a good low end torque and everything comes sudden. Now for the question, 1. Will RB25DE S1 or S2 would be better or Neo? as Neo is half the price of old ones here and more inclined towards it because of in better condition and lifters are better. 2. Can anyone confirm if RB25NA piston fit easily in RB30 NA block and will help in getting the high compression Im looking for
  9. I did message him but...... Anyways sold the RB26 head as was not getting some solution. So now the question is if I get RB25DE Neo head then there should be any compression issue? or still it will be there. As the two options Im looking now is to either use RB30 block with RB25DE head or just RB25DE Neo all together
  10. No answers? How much compression problem can be solved if I install RB25 piston in RB30 block to use with 26 head? as I read somewhere if the head is RB25 then compression goes upto 10 by using RB25 pistons. Will shaving 2mm head on top of that will give me enough compression to run a nice NA setup?
  11. IBTs or Carbs will decide once engine had/block is complete an thats Im more worried about now what to get to complete it. Its easier to run ITBs because of stock ITBs already there but as of now itch is more for carbs lol.
  12. I saw that thread before and even checked with utube videos, car is sick sounds amazing. Only issue is the guy did a lot of machine work and he changed few things according to his taste (sent him a pm). I am more interested if someone can help in recommending part off the shelf, I cant trust mechanics here taking measurements like in the above quoted thread and then getting back to me to order the parts. Will changing the pistons for compression would be enough
  13. Hi guys I have been on this forum reading for past year or so very infomrative considering I had no idea about these RB engines a year back ( still noob). For this this topic I did search and read some threads but they were very old threads so rather then bumping them starting a new one for get some answers. I have an S30 project which is almost done running a RB25DETT Neo in it. ( thread on hybridZ http://forums.hybrid...60#entry1025367) I want to do a RB26/30 NA engine and run it on triple carbs same like people in Japan doing it. The purpose of the car is occasional track days, weekend /daily drive during winter time (it gets really hot in summer here in dubai). I dont need a very high rev engine I can live with 6.5-7k in the beginning. I bought a RB30NA engine off a Nissan Patrol and also got hold of RB26DETT head as well. I also got an adapator plate from a bloke in New Zealand which can fiit DOCE carbs on one side and from behind it will fit on stock RB26 intake manifold, there is also modified intake manifold with closed injector places and re routed water lines. Now here people are not that much of help for NA builds and specially with RB26 head. I wanted to do with RB25 head as easier to get NA RB25 here but that adapator plate saved a lot of work so went with RB26 head. First major issue coming is the engine compression now can anyone guide where and which pistons to get to increase the engine compression. I have seen people mentioning using RB25 pistons in RB30 blocks but with RB25 head here no clue. Apart from tapping holes for the head studs and drilling for tensioner to fit the bigger belt is there anthing else required? Last whats the best solution to run the ignition here either to go for something electronic or distributor style.
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