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  1. Just need the one GTST rim now.
  2. Here's mine. Two years, still going strong. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/380635-m35-bonnet-strut-kit/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-7608301
  3. 2 R32 GTST AND 2 R32 GTR FACTORY RIMS As the title says. Chasing two factory 16x8 R32 GTR and two factory 16x6.5 R32 GTST rims. With or without tyres. Would consider singles. Thanks.
  4. From this: To this:
  5. WTB: R30 Skyline rear end. I'm really only after the driveshafts and companion flanges but would take a complete subframe. Located Bendigo central Vic but happy to travel (within reason) and remove myself. Cheers. Like this:
  6. White M35 on Tullamarine Park Drive about 11 this morning.
  7. Welcome back. What plans have you got for this one?
  8. Second car with BC's to have this happen, maybe look at the way they are set up. Looks like suspension is travelling beyond the shocks limits. ....cough MCA's.
  9. @Melbourne Datsun Day a couple of weeks ago. Fair effort coming from QLD. Like the Datsun badge too.
  10. Cooling mods!? In England!?
  11. If I was to start from stock again the first mod I would do would be a wideband and boost gauge. Can highly recommend Innovate Motorsports SCG-1, all in one AFR, boost control/gauge, shift light with logging. A bit of insurance and you can keep track of what the different mods do. Next would be getting rid of the "boat like" suspension and bigger front brakes before you start any power mods. Welcome and enjoy!
  12. One of my life mottos is: "It's only illegal if you get caught".
  13. http://jp-carparts.com/nissan/partlist.php?maker=nissan&type=153&cartype=7&fig=111&page=3
  14. Fitted most of these bits over the weekend. Ball joint, PITA! Rear wheel bearing, PITA! Rocker gaskets, small PITA! Injector pintles and o-rings, OK. Then it came to the intake manifold gaskets. Plenum gasket, "hang on, that looks a bit different to mine". Check my part number: Stagea, check. VQ35DE.........crap! That's ok, the original one isn't THAT bad. Better check the intake manifold gaskets. Stagea, check. VQ25DET, check. Off with the intake manifold, "hang on, they look a bit different"...........crap! So going by the permaseal website, these ARE for VQ25DET: http://www.aagaskets.com.au/EngineDetails.aspx?EngineID=2327 These ones are different again to VQ35DE so was there different port sizes on VQ25DET? That'll learn me not to buy genuine! When I do get the right parts I think I'll do the plenum spacer mod at the same time. On a side note, I found a dude in Russia who turboed his 350GT using VQ25DET parts. http://www.nismo-club.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=143220&st=0