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  1. I recommend some ROOTA wheels, and some slip on spacers to get the stance right. Remember, you can adjust a bit by using washers on the studs, just make sure they're locking one.
  2. PN-Mad

  3. Did you get passed by an old English car down the straight DJ....?
  4. Paid Shits going to get V8ty
  5. Bloody well trying to be!! Gotta get some tyres mounted, bolt check, do the valve clearances, floors back on, bleed the brakes and some other shit but should be able to sort it!!!
  6. #44 please, and I'll try and bring the big girl out for a test day.
  7. Withdrawn from sale. Thanks
  8. Bump Who needs a commuter car that'll park anywhere and do 5.5/100??
  9. Hi guys, Due to change of circumstance I'm selling my K13 micra. It's been a great car for commuting, very economical and fits in the smallest car parks. It's a Ti, which is top of the range so has big car features like smart key ( keyless entry and start) climate control, Bluetooth, reversing sensors, and auto lights. Has the bigger 1.5 litre 4 cyl motor as opposed to the 3 cyl in lower models. 5 speed manual which is light, and easy to use. 57k kms, and a full Nissan dealership service history. Not looking for swaps. $9500ono Contact on 0431 zero nine 0 two 40 or PM me on SAU
  10. Will new car have fire suppression system?
  11. PN-Mad

    With the dollar the way it is, and shipping you're looking at a lot of cesh. Anything from the V35 sedan and earlier model m35s will fit up to the Y pipe. To be honest, it's not about performance gain. The restriction isn't in the back section primarily, it's in the headers and The four OEM cats. Should be able to pick up a decent second hand unit in Aus, or worst case YAJ for a lot less coin.
  12. PN-Mad

    What, my skids weren't enough???? I thought going backwards with the wheels spinning was a good effort
  13. PN-Mad

    Boooooo lol I liked the other one. Hahahaha
  14. PN-Mad

    Daym, hope you all get beaten by the micra still [emoji13]
  15. PN-Mad

    9 if you count the Nismo one the back lol